The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 3 [recap & review]

December 11, 2007

I won’t be posting a full recap of this ep, cause I watched the re-run of the show, for I was on vacation on Thursday.

Anyway, I’ll just say what happened briefly:

  • The teams went to Hong Kong breifly.
  • They had to count a large amount of money.
  • Teams fly over to New Zealand.
  • They had to locate and take pictures of three items using a Sony Cybershot camera.
  • The next stop: bungee jumping!
  • Vanessa: “I’ve never heard a man [Adrian] scream before.” XD
  • Detour: Wall or Waka?
  • Wall: Rock climbling.
  • Only Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin survived.
  • Waka: Canoeing.
  • Many teams flipped over into the cold water.
  • Teams had to go to a ghost house! Wooooo…
  • Pam & Van got involved in a car accident.
  • Adrian, who is almost deaf, was oblivious in the ghost house.
  • Sophie & Aurelia got to the wrong place, wasted lots of precious time.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson =
  2. Adrian & Collin >
  3. Ann & Diane =
  4. Paula & Natasha <
  5. Terri & Henry >
  6. Daichi & Sawaka >
  7. Pam & Van <
  8. Sophie & Aurelia <

ELIMINATED: Brett & Kinar


It was scary to see Pam & Van in the car accidents, and their placings kept falling. But it was hilarious when their accident trauma affected them in the ghost house – there weren’t even scared.

Marc & Rovilson are pretty consistent at number one again.

Ann & Diane are at the 3rd spot 3 weeks in a row! They must climb up soon.

I didn’t expect Brett & Kinar to be eliminated. I thought they would go far.

Here’s a bonus! Edwin & Monica who were first eliminated had broken up. About time!

What do you think? Leave comments!

(Pictures courtesy of AXN Asia)


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