ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 13 Finale Preview! [watch]

December 10, 2007

Here is the preview for Episode 13 of ANTM Cycle 9! The finale! Final 3!

The top 3 do their thing in the CoverGirl commercial ad. It looks like they’re advertising some kind of fruit? XD Not sure what that is, but it must be from the CoverGirl line.

Chantal wants to show Tyra ‘she’s the only one.’

Then a runway with sparkling lights. Isn’t the final runway the one in front of the Forbidden City, between people walking on stilts and guards by the side?

On the Yahoo Preview, there are 3 clips from the finale.

The first clip, entitled “Jaslene Returns To Top Model“, shows Cycle 8 winner Draglene Jaslene coming back to give ‘words of advice’ to the girls.

The second clip is named “Who Will Go Home Next On ANTM“. It shows the girls receiving Tyra Mail, who tells the girls they are going to do a CoverGirl shoot. Chantal guesses it’s ‘flavour lip gloss’. (Oh…) Then they talk about elimination on their beds.

The last clip is “Jenah Is A Silent Top Model“. It features Jenah stuttering and forgetting her lines in front of the camera. (Oh no!) Nevertheless, she looks stunning.

UPDATE: The last clip is up! “Chantal Says She Has The Most Top Model Potential“.  Chantal boasts on being the girl with most potential and being a great role model, and then knocks Jenah for being the girl with the least potential because of her ‘I’m greater than everyone’ attitude. Yeah right, Chantal.

Watch the clips HERE.

It’s the finale! Can’t wait! I’ll cross my fingers and all the best to Jenah for the win!

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  1. haha,thx for the comments.the top three is like so boring….or top model is kinda boring….btw,i’m going to watch the show finale tommorow!haha.can’t wait for the finale.

  2. Except Jenah. 🙂

  3. oh my god! i loved saleisha from the beginning \and she wins! chantal is second, whilst Jenah lags along at a dissapointing third, don’t believe me? then visit

    there is a video of it!!!

    lots of love, carmen xxx

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