ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 12 – The Girls Go To The Great Wall [watch]

December 9, 2007

Sorry for the slow update – I just came back from an awesome vacation! Anyway, the recap!!

top4 antm9

Firstly, the videos: (huge thanks to dodash8!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Heather Mail! Heather left long, long letters for the girls, which were specifically meant for Jenah to be read.

Heather Mail:

“When I got to the house I didn’t expect to make any friends or even to make it this far. Though I got far I didn’t made any friends, I made family.”

Awwww! That’s so sweet. πŸ™‚

The girls went to Beijing!

Kevin, the tour guide took them sight-seeing. Jenah broke down for missing her family and being overstressed. Chantal stated the obvious by repeating what Jenah just said. Then she bragged on winning. Bianca got annoyed. Said she was too perky. So were you. and at the end of their trip, they met with Miss J and Twiggy.

The ‘dynamic’ duo told the story of China’s four beauties, the ‘Si Da Mei Nu’ (or what Miss J said, ‘Xi Dai Mei Nun’ πŸ˜€ ) while there was a performance by four ladies. Apparently these four ladies could kill and stop any mutants in their paths. Count on them to defeat the enemies.


They went to their new home, finding two large beds. Saleisha and Chantal booked the first, and ‘best best buddies BBFs’ Jenah and Bianca on the other.

Tyra mail came with four boxes packed full of goodies! Wow! It’s the pretty dresses that the four beauties used! (did they wash them first? Hmmm) Oh, Chantal said she got the best one! Hooray for her! *roll eyes*

They had to shop with 1500RMB to modernize their dresses which matches the stories of each beauty they portray.

Chantal picked a handbag to match her character’s basket. Bianca got white shoes and flowery stuff because her beauty put flowers to shame. (with ugliness perhaps…?)

Bianca bounced to the other side of the mall thinking there will be more cute stuff to match her pretty flowers. Alas! There was nothing. Jenah followed suit, but Bianca (again) ticked her off by saying there are lots of things available. Jenah went there and found out that her best best buddy BFF had tricked her. (Surprise!)

Ann Shoket from Seventeen Magazine appeared. They had a challenge in which they had to strut the runway while showing off the best of their dresses.

Saleisha walked down with confidence. She did well.

Chantal looked like a magical genie. Twiggy said she had a natural smooth walk.

Bianca came out with three red puff balls on her dress.

Jenah strolled down with hands wide while holding out her dress. She reminded me of Jade (C6) in the Church Fashion show. Twiggy loved it.


Jenah expectedly won. She backstabbed her BFF Bianca who backstabbed her before and chose Chantal. (who amazingly, always gets the winner’s prizes, eg Heather) They both got couture dresses specially made for them, and Jenah won a Miss J Runway 101 session.

Jenah got a blue qipao. (a traditional Chinese dress) Chantal got a green one, and got booted out by Miss J. Miss J gave Jenah some J-Tips! On how to walk.

Back home, a Tyra Mail arrived saying they’re going for a photoshoot, which the girls guessed was in the Great Wall. The top 4 then squabbled about their hopes and dreams of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

They stroked gold as their photoshoot was on the Great Wall. Guess who was the photographer? Tyra! Yay!! She popped up and said, ‘NiHao!!’ and the girls chanted back ‘Meeeooow!’ They had to pose as warriors defending off enemies and barbarians and cannibals who will gobble their pretty necks off.

For hair and makeup, they got enormous buns on their head, which to Saleisha, looked like Zena, the warrior princess! Hehe hehe hehe hehe! Let’s giggle! (Uhh no, Zena wore no buns)

Chantal showed up and did well. Tyra went on with her Chinese mumble of ‘1,2,3’, ‘Yi! Er! San!’

Jenah wanted to climb her wall, which can lead her to finding out herself. She rocked the shoot.

Bianca was next but she didn’t understood the concept of the photoshoot at first. She even utilized her fake sword. Ooooh, how creative!

Saleisha was last to go. Tyra went on chanting ‘Yi! Er! Si!’ (1,2,4??) She was ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. Jay said she got the best shoot. Blek.

They then had a group photoshoot to see who can outshine the others. Saleisha coincidently got the middle spot. (Surprise!)

At home, Jenah cried on her homesickness. Bianca hated Jenah breaking down. Bianca hated Chantal being too giggly. Bianca hated Saleisha for having experience beforehand but not doing amazingly. Me hate Bianca for her attitude, though it must be the pressure.

Judging time! Tyra had a Chantal-inspired haircut. (Last week’s haircut was Saleisha-inspired, coincident??) Jenah and Chantal showed up in their new qipaos.

Judges love Jenah’s photo. (Evidently, Tyra is a better photographer than Nigel, even Twiggy said so) Tyra got amnesia and didn’t remember Jenah’s photoshoot session. Jenah broke down saying she’s homesick.

Bianca had a good photo, but she was criticized to be awkward. She didn’t have a ‘model-naturalness’. She blabbered on going a long way.

Chantal’s photo was ‘a statue frozen in time’. Miss J loved that she was ‘tippy-toeing’.

Last but not least, Saleisha. She got credits from everyone.

The group photo!


Jenah’s blue eyes pierced through Twiggy’s. Nigel adored Chantal’s straight on look.

Ann Shoket’s eyes travelled immediately to Saleisha.

Apparently no one’s pretty eyes went to Bianca. Poor Bianca.

Tyra said last minute that Bianca was special because she portrayed the boy in the photo. Is that a compliment?

Discussion time.

Jenah was criticized to not be serious.

Bianca for her stiffness.

They loved Chantal and Saleisha. The latter has evil fairy dust. Got that right.

Roll call!

Chantal was first. She had the strongest photo of the bunch.

Saleisha was next.

Bottom 2: Jenah (again) & Bianca (about time)

Bianca wasn’t model-ly enough. Jenah cracked under pressure.

The one who went home was…




One word….


What goes around, comes back around to bite your butt.

I hope we all learnt a valuable lesson from Bianca.

I wish Bianca all the best!

Cover Girl Of The Week:

Unknown. Hope it’s Jenah. But according to popularity, it’s most likely Saleisha or Chantal.

UPDATE: CGOTW is still Heather! Yeah! πŸ™‚ Go Heather!

Future episode:

Top 3!! Cover girl time! Saleisha stumbled, losing her confidence. The top 2 walk down the ‘most amazing runway ever’, with people on stilts and Chinese guards watching by the sidelines.

Spoilers: (highlight to read at your own risk)

Chantal will be eliminated next, making the top 2 Saleisha and Jenah. Saleisha is most likely to win. Hate that.

Please leave comments! Really appreciate it! πŸ™‚



  1. Sorry, I think my quetion goes here:
    do you know the name of bianca elemination? please, I can’t find it.

    By the way, Bianca is beatiful… But yeah, her personality is ugly. You right, it’s karma. Great blog.

  2. Someone – If you mean the name of the episode, its called “The Girls Go To The Great Wall”.

    Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚

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