Evan Almighty [review]

December 2, 2007

A hilarious sequel to ‘Bruce Almighty’!

evan almighty poster

Evan (Steve Carell) is a Congressman and he wants to change the world. One night, he prayed to God (hilariously!) and the next day, he was woken up at 6:14a.m by his alarm clock. Soon he starts to see the numbers 6:14 everywhere from car plates to a baby’s weight.

Evan checks his bible and found out that Genesis 6:14 was about Noah building the ark. God (Morgan Freeman) showed up later and instructing him to build an ark in order to change the world. Evan shook the idea off.

The next day, facial hair started to grow rapidly out of Evan’s face and his clothes were replaced by robes. Numerous planks of wood were dumped in front of his house, and ‘he’ mysteriously bought 8 lots around the house. His wife, Joan got upset about all these changes.

Evan faced trouble explaining to everyone, and he also started to attract animals, which coincidently go in two-by-twos. Evan faced reality and started to build the ark. His family abandoned him for a while because they thought he was mad, but later returned to help him out to finish the ark.

evan almighty

A flood was supposed to arrive at September 22, but didn’t came, and Evan received jeers from everyone. But the water dam broke and flooded the whole place, so everyone scrambled up onto the ark to save themselves. Evan faced the chairman of the Congressmen and told him off for his dirty work and for harming the environment. Evan eventually saved the day and in the end, “changed the world”.

This is a fun movie for every age. I like it but it’s storyline is a bit off, especially at the end. But the special effects were cool though, and the story was hilarious.

Oh, there’s a new commandment, “Thou shall do the dance!” XD

Rating: * * * / 5

PS: Try www.Genesis614.com!! 😉


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