The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 2 [recap & reviews]

November 30, 2007

This episode wasn’t very enjoyable as the editing was poor and the whole thing was kind of rushed. Anyway, the recaps.

The teams started their race with sisters Pam & Van leading the pack. They had to go to a bus station to catch a bus which leaves every 15 minutes to Pila.

The girls saw Marc‘s face featured on a map while taking a taxi to the bus station. XD

It was bad luck for the sisters as Marc & Rovilson came up the bus after a while, and both teams left together while flirting (? 🙂 ) with each other.

Indonesians Brett & Kinar and dancing moms Ann & Diane boarded the next bus, they too persuaded the bus driver to head out earlier than schedule.

The third bus carried Sophie & Aurelia; Paula & Natasha and Collin & Adrian on the fourth bus. Paula & Natasha spent time on the bus by begging around for money, and was awarded with quite a lot of cash.

Daichi & Sawaka got on the fifth bus.

At Pila, teams must perform a road block, which requires them to guide a carabao around markers in a paddy (and muddy) field.

Pam and Marc plunged into the field immediately, but Pam got impatient by her bull and started to lose control. Marc did well with his, and finished quickly.


A frustrated Pam was guided by the farmers back to the starting point, and she had to restart.

Back in Manila, Henry & Terri and Edwin & Monica just began their races, and boarded the sixth bus to Pila. Terri lifted the mood by forcing the clearly unhappy passengers on board to sing the national anthem of Philippines, which lead to a monotonous drool.

Kinar & Brett arrived, and Kinar who chose to do the roadblock, misinterpreted the clue and wanted to ride the bull instead of leading it.

More teams arrived. Diane was dragged freestyle by her bull, but she survived.


Teams came and went. The next clue: head back to Manila and load four boxes from a Caltex station into a jeepney and deliver them to an orphanage.

Pam & Van got agitated as they thought the station was in Pila, not in Manila, so they wandered around aimlessly. Marc & Rovilson meanwhile, were already on the bus back to Manila. The sisters got into the second bus back with Brett & Kinar after they found out about their mistake. Lots of yelling going on.

Adrian jumped into the field to finish the job. He dropped his contact lenses and fumbled his way to complete the task. Said Adrian, “I was like a half blind mouse.”

The second bus surprisingly broke down in the middle of a highway, Pam & Van hopped into a taxi, while Brett & Kinar waited patiently for the topless bus driver to fix the bus.

Marc & Rovilson arrived at Caltex and began to load their boxes. They sent the boxes to the orphanage, and even had time to fool around with the kids. Pam & Van were second to finish the task, and were scared of the children for grabbing violently for the goodies in the boxes.


Detour! Heels or Bikes? (they don’t really rhyme, boo)

For heels, they had to match 250 pairs of shoes. For bikes, they had to fix a bicycle soundly.

Some teams did heels, some teams did bikes.

BFFs Paula & Natasha chose the shoes of course. Said Natasha,

Paula probably has more shoes than what we saw. It’s not a challenge because we’ve been there.”

The bike challenge was proven to be stressful as teams began to shout down each other’s throats. Marc & Rovilson finished first, even though they misplaced the front part of the bicycle.

Next was Ann and Diane, who sped away as fast as their yoga legs could carry them.

Some teams finished quickly and got cheers (or jeers?) from the watching audience.

Pit stop!

Go to Paco Park Cemetery! Where the legendary Jose Rizal is buried, apparently.

Marc & Rovilson were determined to be first in their home country. Ultimately they arrived first to a cheerful Allan Woooooo, and were awarded with USD5000!! Happy boys got cash.

Paula & Natasha squatted with strangers to arrive at the pit stop second.

Ann & Diane finished third once more.

Meanwhile, the last two, Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica arrived at the detour. Terri & Henry agreed that Terri would shut her mouth while Henry directed the moves.

Edwin & Monica continued to bark at each other, or it was Edwin only, rather. Edwin threw a tantrum like a big baby on two standing feet. Said big baby,

“You’re not doing anything, unless I say so, ok? Now you just stand here, that’s all.”

How can she stand there while you’re ordering her around? I feel so sorry for Monica. Ditch him! And he continued to babble in some language, and only goodness knows how many curses he spitted out.

Daichi & Sawaka were informed by Allan Woooooo that they were the only team to stroll up to the pit stop casually, and they finished 8th, again.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson >
  2. Paula & Natasha >
  3. Ann & Diane =
  4. Pam & Van <
  5. Collin & Adrian >
  6. Brett & Kinar <
  7. Sophie & Aurelia <
  8. Daichi & Sawaka =

Again it was up to Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica.

The latter stood no chance again bike expert Henry, who dashed off with his wife to get the good news from Allan Woooooo. (XD)

Edwin & Monica arrived last, and were (finally!) eliminated, and were given the pleasure of the walk of shame.

Pam & Van needs to step up their game next time, Marc & Rovilson will be hard to beat! And hope that Ann & Diane continue to be consistent!

What do you think? Leave comments! 🙂

(Photos courtesy of AXN)


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  1. i agree, this episode kinda dragged on a little it unlike the first one..

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