November 29, 2007

AI6 runner up Blake Lewis’ new official website is out!


It features news, pics, videos, and even a blog! Some new pics of Blake are already up!

Remember to get your copy of his debut CD, Audio Day Dream on December 4th, 2007!

Blake Lewis Official: http://blakelewisofficial.com



  1. I just bought your Album today because your my biggest fan so I voted for you 227 times in the finales

  2. Blake, I meant to say that I am YOUR biggest fan! Jordan Robey

  3. Hi Blake
    DID YOU GET PRESENTS???? I sent some from Toronto area (a little town Keswick), I sent one for Jordin because I did not have her address.

    How was Christmas in Utah with your family???? What is your favorite part of the Christmas celebration???
    The food? The presents?
    After four weeks of listening to ADD, we love it more than ever!!!!! (my daughter and myself) and we saw you on New Year’s – ROCK ON BLAKE!!!!!!!

    Love Leonore

  4. Hey Blake,
    Stay true to your Seattle roots, allways remember where you came from . You have allways been a star in the eyes of the people who knew you before Idol. Take care of yourself and dont become to “Hollywood”!


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