Rewind: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

November 26, 2007

After I finished ANTM Cycle 1, I went on to watch Cycle 2 on the ever so resourceful YouTube. (thanks to tausili!)


It was interesting to re-watch this cycle, cause I’ve forgotten about most of the episodes, although some are more memorable. As for the girls, some are still etched into my mind, namely April, Yoanna, Mercedes and Shandi.

For this cycle, the winner will get (reciting Tyra’s line) a contract with IMG models, one of the top model agencies in the world, a spread in Jane magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with Sephora. Doesn’t Tyra get tired from saying the same line for 13 episodes? And the prize back then was so little. Judges are Tyra, Nigel Barker, Janice and Eric Nicholson, editor of Jane mag.

First eliminated was mom, Anna, 22, the first mother ever in the competition. I liked Anna, although she could’ve participated in the nude photoshoot and avoid elimination. I liked her loyalty towards her husband as well.

anna antm2

Then was Bethany, Miss I-Have-Bigger-Boobs-and-Curves. She kept rising her body as an issue, and even Tyra got annoyed. Second gone.

bethany antm2

Third to get the boot, Heather. Glad she went. Didn’t quite liked her anyways. She has a combination of Amanda Bynes + Mandy Moore. And like judge Eric Nicholson said, “Nickelodeon”!

heather antm2

Next was Jenascia. She was booted for being too short. A factor that Janice hates so. Another stupid reason to kick off a girl. Why bring her in in the first place just to say she’s too short? Jenascia is okay. She smokes though.

jenascia antm2

Xiomara was fifth to go. I liked Xiomara a lot. She has a strong personality. But her runway walk was freaky. Glad that she is signed now.

xiomara antm2

After that was so imature Catie. She cries and cries and cries for every petty little thing. Urgh. Call her a whore and she cries. XD Cut off her hair and she cries. Ironic cause she’s the one who said, “Chop off my hair! I don’t care!”

catie antm2

Sara went next. Booted for being too commercial and too much sex appeal. Uhh.. yeah. I liked Sara, she’s so down to earth and wants this bad. Her elimiation was the most emotional. Even Tyra cried. But, now she’s modelling for man’s magazines.

sara antm2

Camille with puffed-up lips was fifth in the race. Crowned “Cruella De Vi” by Yoanna. 😛 The girl with the biggest ego and let her confidence hide her emotions. Biggest enemy: Yoanna.

camille antm2

Pretty April finished fourth. I was a surprise she went so early. April has the best portfolio overall, has a strong desire. April’s my favourite. Her best line in the competition, “Ting! Hold on a second Shandi, you have a boyfriend!” XD That was hilarious!

april antm2

Geek-turned-beauty Shandi was third. Famously cheated her boyfriend in front of international TV. “You had sex??” asked her boyfriend”. “Yes…” Shandi whispered back. Boyfriend wails. Lots of potential this girl.

shandi antm2

Mercedes was runner up. She deserves the award for “Best Personality”. She’s so bubbly and approachable! Her runway walk is the best among all the girls. She should win over Yoanna, in my opinion.

mercedes antm2

Winner of Cycle 2, Yoanna House! The shortest contestant with a face that is amazingly proportional and symmetical. Famous for hating Camille, making up to her, then hated her all over again. Where is she now?

yoanna house antm2

My standings of the top 5 will be:

  1. Mercedes

  2. April

  3. Shandi

  4. Yoanna

  5. Sara

The best photoshoot has to the black/white beauty shot. Best photo overall, a tie between April’s underwater shot, Yoanna’s moonrocket shot and Shandi’s hanging in the air shot.

Tyra even made her debut single, “Shake Ya Body” and shot the music video with the top 6 girls. Unfortunately, she abandoned her singing carrier to reasons unknown. The song and music video here.

Overall this was a great cycle, I liked the drama in the house, and the storyline isn’t boring either. Bring on Cycle 3!



  1. mercedes should the winner because she has a good peronalty and she is a good strong person in plus she is really sexy i wish she was my girlfriend i would treat her like a queen

  2. Sara is only Sexy , but Yoanna I love you ♥QQ
    Ti amo Sara And Yoanna!

    ~~.Bye Love, Minako

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