Walk The Line [review]

November 25, 2007

I remember when Chris Daughtry sang “I Walk The Line” in American Idol 5 and when Resse Witherspoon was awarded the “Best Actress In A Leading Role” for the Oscars for this movie, I’ve always wanted to watch this movie. Thanks to Tom, I’ve watched the DVD.

This story surrounds the life of legendary Johnny Cash. When Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) was young, his brother, Jack died due to an accident while working. Johnny is devastated and was accused by his father for letting it happen. His father rejected him his whole life.

Johnny gets married after joining the air force, and to support his family, he makes a record deal. Soon he struck gold as his music is loved everywhere, and soon goes on tour around the country. He met June Carter (Resse Witherspoon), who was divorced at the time, and soon falls head over heels for her.

Fame got into Johnny’s head as he started to fling with girls and began to take drugs and drink aggressively. June got married to a stock car driver, but divorced him later. The gap between Johnny and his family starts to widen as he doesn’t focus on his family, and his love for June deepened.

Tension rose as Johnny’s wife, Vivian doesn’t allow him to hang up pictures of June and himself. A fight broke and heated up, resulting in Vivian fleeing from Johnny with their children.

Johnny settled down in a new home, still intaking drugs. In thanksgiving, his father mocked him once more. Johnny was outraged and wanted to prove his father wrong, but just made more mistakes. June and her family stayed to help him, and cut him off from drugs once and for all.

Johnny regained consciousness and started touring once more. He found out that his music touched the hearts of many prisoners and wrongdoers, so he performed in a prison and the tour was a success.

One night at 2am in the bus, Johnny asked for June’s hand in marriage, giving the excuse that he had a ‘bad dream’. June got irritated and turned him down, for it was ‘bad timing’.

Johnny tried again in a concert, breaking off a duet to pop the question in the middle of a song. A tearful June agreed, with the applause from audiences.

They finally settled down with kids, and his father seemed to have finally forgave him, at last.

I really love this movie. Once you started you get sucked back into time and you get so absorbed in it. I also like the emotional ups and downs. Happy times when Johnny proposed to June, or when they fished together by the stream. Sad times when Johnny was desperate to get back to June, or when Vivian was frustrated with Johnny. Angry times when Johnny abused drugs, or when his father mocked him.

And as a plus, who thought that Resse Witherspoon could sing? 🙂

Rating: * * * * and a half / 5


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  1. Glad u enjoyed it. I did too. Thumbs up to Reese!

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