Cars [review]

November 25, 2007

Disney Channel aired this Pixar animated film yesterday. Couldn’t miss this chance. 😉

Cars is about a rookie racer, Lightning McQueen who suddenly broke into the field of racing and wowed everyone by his performance. He won a three-way tie along with the champion King and runner up Chicks. They had to re-race in a week.

On the way, Lightning lost his way and arrived at an unvisited town called Radiator Springs on Route 66, which used to be a bustling town until the highway was built, and no one ever came to the town anymore.

Lightning’s presence delighted the citizens, especially Mater the towtruck, who befriended him immediately, and called him his ‘best buddy’. Soon Lightning bonded with the everyone in the town, and fell in love with a motel owner, Sally the Porsche. Sally used to live in LA, but she moved to the town long ago because she couldn’t find true happiness in the city.

Lightning also found out the secret behind the grumpy Doc, who turned out to be a Legendary race car. Doc told him that he was in front of the pack until he crashed in a race one day, and all his crew and fans deserted him. Doc hated his dark past and was determined to hide it.

Lightning cheered up everyone in town by doing all of them a favour, and brought back the cheeriness in town before leaving the next day. Alas, the media press and Lightning’s trailer, Mack eventually found him that night, and took him away before Lightning could say goodbye.

During the race, Doc and the others surprisingly showed up and became Lightning’s crew and cheered him on. Chick intentionally knocked King out of the road and King crashed into the side, damaged badly. Lightning, who was in the lead, stopped to helped him, for Doc’s past flashbacked in his mind. Chick won the race, with boos from everyone, and the cheers and attention went to Lightning for his help, and he helped King to finish the race.

Lightning learnt humility during his trip to Radiator Springs, and he used his popularity to make the town bustling once more.

Pixar films never fail to entertain. They always leave a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling in your heart after the movie. This is definitely the best Pixar film after Ratatouille. Great animation + great storyline = great movie.

Rating: * * * * / 5


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