The Amazing Race Asia 2: Introducing the Teams

November 23, 2007

It’s a whole new season of the Amazing Race Asia! (TARA)

This time there’ll be 10 teams competing: (drumroll)

1. Adrian & Collin – Gymbuddies – Singapore

First ‘special’ team ever, Adrian has hearing loss and communicates with Collin through sign language. They may go far as they don’t have to shout at each other.

2. Edwin & Monica – couple – Hong Kong

She’s an actress/model. He’s a… event organizer. Bitchiest team in this season. ‘Nuff said.

3. Henry & Trinidad – Couple – Phillippines

An ex-military guy + a hardshell housewife = lots of shouting. Loving as well.

4. Sawaka & Daichi – Siblings – Japan

First Japanese team ever in TARA. Very loving and caring with each other. But can they get first?

5. Paula & Natasha BFFs – Thailand

Their mothers knew each other at labour and poof there’re lifelong friends. Pretty gals! Even their names rhyme.

6. Sophia & Aurelia – Roommates – Hong Kong

Aurelia’s French. Sophia’s local. Just normal roommates who have nothing in common. Another team with names that rhyme.

7. Brett & Kinar – Couple – Indonesia

An actress and a physiotherapist. Nice combination! Can see them go far.

8. Ann & Diane – Mums & Friends – Malaysia

The team who dubbed themselves as the ‘dancing moms’ but like to call themselves the ”Desperate Housewives”. Specialty: Keeping calm because of yoga. Oldest team in the race. BTW, name rhymes.

9. Marc & Rovilson – BFFs – Phillippines

Hunkiest and funniest team in the race. Very competitive and my prediction: will get to finals. Both TV hosts. One’s American, the other Aussie.

10. Pamela & Vanessa – Sisters – Malaysia

Pam and Van for short. Sisters to popular singer, Vince Chong. They can prove that they have beauty and brawns. Most competitive girl team. Will be in finals.

I’m so ever patriotic (XD) so I’m definitely rooting for Pam and Van. I’ll be cheering for Ann and Diane too. Hope one of them be the second all-girl team to win TARA! (Last year Malaysians Zabrina & Joe Jer bought home the prize)

I’m sure Marc & Rovilson would push away everything that comes in their paths. Adrian & Collin will be the underdog because of their advantage/disadvantage.

The others… Ummm okay.

Hope to see lots of drama this season! 🙂

Go Pam and Van!

What do you think? Leave comments!

(Pictures courtesy of AXN)



  1. omg
    what a comprehensive post!!!
    write more!!
    i’m soo supporting kinar and brett!!
    heueheue,she was like keep putting off to pee for the show sake

  2. hehe enough for the all girl team.. come on guys.. show them the power.. show the world that asian males were not weak..

    i see pam and van as the dustin and kandice, and marc and rovilson as tyler and james, both from TARA10.. tough girls huh.. who knows? TARA10 might happen again in this race for the sisters..

    well, good luck to all of the teams.. im expecting fun and twist on this race..

  3. I go for Marc and Rov of the team Philippines they’re the best.. thanks raph for writing this blog my friends really loves this show and i wanna share this to them.. thank you so much..

  4. I go for Marc and Rov of the team Philippines.. They’re the best.. Thank you so much Raph for posting this blog.. my friends really loves watching the show and i wanna share this to them.. thanks and more power!

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