The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 1 [recap & reviews]

November 23, 2007

3, 2, 1, GO!!

First episode aired yesterday with “hunky” *cough* Allan Wu (Allan Who??) being the host once again. *sigh*

The team started racing in Singapore. After the signal, they rushed like crazy to their respective bags, the clue asking them to match the picture on their clue with the pics on various taxis (cabs XD) in a 300m radius.

Pam & Van were leading the pack and got into their taxi before anyone else. Monica frustrated Edwin as he had to carry both of their backpacks. (no one asked you to) Then they all headed to Mount Faber to find the next clue by the Merlion Statue. Everyone left leaving Edwin & Monica and Henry and Trinidad.

Next, the teams had to use the GPS function in their new N95’s (N95!!) to find their next destination. They also have to direct their taxi driver. The teams came and went and soon it was neck and neck.


Edwin and Monica were still at the starting point, Edwin was mad at the backpacks for being so heavy. Monica was desperate and threw out “not-important” items. Said a distressed Monica, “I’ll throw my shampoo away. Who needs shampoo anyway?” Errr… Humans..?

Teams head out to the Suntec City Towers. Next, there was a detour, a choice between dare and stair. For dare, it’s traveling from one tower to another while hanging on your deathbed. For stair, you had to climb up 45 floors in one tower, travel down, go into another tower, and climb 45 floors again. Sounds exhausting. Luckily no one was stupid enough to choose this.

Teams arrive in packs and soon were hanging from one tower to another, leading were Pam & Van, Adrian & Collin and Rovilson & Marc.


Edwin & Monica and Henry and Terri (Trinidad) finally found their taxis, and zoomed off to get the next clue. Finally.

All the teams crossed over the lines and were already down the tower. Edwin & Monica and Henry & Terri arrived. Said an angry Edwin, You can’t hold onto anything. You can’t do anything!” She’s your girlfriend! Cut her some slack!

Next move..

Go to Manila, Phillipines! And find your next clue in a park at the CCP complex.

Marc & Rovilson were clearly ecstatic they’re going back to their homeland.

All the teams boarded the earliest flight possible, leaving Edwin & Monica and Terri & Henry, who boarded the next possible flight.

8 teams arrive at the place, with the happy TV hosts arriving first. The next move… Eat 8 balut eggs!!

Don’t know what’s balut eggs? Google them. 🙂

They’re fertilized duck eggs… A local delicacy. Yuck.

Brett and Kinar even said…

“Aphrodisiac gives you a bit of a sex drive,” he notes to Kinar, who nods knowingly, “Oh really, like if you eat a…”

“Oysters, or tiger’s penis,” finishes Brett.

“Or lamb?” asks Kinar.

“Yeah, lamb.”

Hehe! Wonder how a tiger’s penis tastes like.

Pam & Van gulped down the eggs like pros, while Rovilson & Marc choked on theirs. Said Marc, “Those girls are inhuman“.

Diane & Ann did a great move by chewing theirs and then vomited them into a bucket. You go moms!

Aurelia was eating + entertaining the passer-bys + complaining + talking at the same time, much to the amazement of Sophie. She finished her eggs by saying, “Can I have a little dessert? Does anyone have a little cake please?” Of course, she didn’t get any.

While the teams enjoyed (or threw up) their balut eggs, Pam & Van and Rovilson & Marc were racing to the pit stop, Fort Santiago.

Ultimately, Pam & Van got the greetings from Allan Wu first, and was rewarded with the N95 phones. (N95!!!)

Adrian & Collin who finished early, arrived late because of their confused taxi driver who wasted their 25 minutes.

The standings were:

  1. Pam & Van
  2. Marc & Rovilson
  3. Ann & Diane
  4. Brett & Kinar
  5. Sophie & Aurelia
  6. Paula & Natasha
  7. Adrian & Collin
  8. Daichi & Sawaka

In the end, it was up to Edwin & Monica and Henry & Terri.

In the taxi, Edwin complained that he felt sick for eating 5 balut eggs. Monica was astonished. I ate 4. Why did you eat 5?” Oh dear. He doesn’t know how to count.

Eventually Edwin & Monica was last to arrive.


Surprise, surprise!

It’s a “pre-determined” non-elimination round. Yeah right.

They were rewarded by a sulky Allan Wu a 30 minute penalty for the next round if they don’t arrive first to the pit stop.

Very glad to see that the two Malaysian teams are in the top 3. The TARA1 scene may happen again, with both Malaysian teams at 1st and 3rd. Who knows?

Go Pan & Van!

Go Ann & Diane!

What do you think? Leave comments! 🙂

(Photos courtesy of AXN)



  1. henry was hilarious when he did the spaghetti dance upon hearing that the next destination is manila…i laughed even harder when marc & rovilson hailed a padyak ( a sidecar) going to fort santiago..those guys were entertaining..being a kababayan, i was rooting for the 2 teams even at times i got irritated y terri’s nagging..it still it made up for funny moments on the show..good luck teams!!

  2. Hi Everyone!

    It was great tuning into the most favourite reality show of all time! Having already gained an in-depth info on the racers from the introductory episode, it was easy to pick out the names and nationalities of the participating teams (although I was a little miffed by the lack of any teams from India)

    The filipino hunks are my favourite although the fiesty Pam and Van left them eating their dust at the pitstop.

    The initial episodes are always a frenzied rush and you can barely keep track of who’s doing what. The gym buddies (Adrien & Collin) from Singapore gave a creditable performance but for theie inept cab dirver sqandering their hard won lead time depriving them of their top-3 finish.

    The dancing moms remind me of the bowling moms from TAR5. Hope they go as far.

    Somebody please shut terri’s mouth! my sympathies for Henry, it can’t be easy being married to the awful termagant (I did see poor henry gnashing his teeth once when he obviously forgot that he was on camera. No wonder his smiles seem strained.

    The Japanese team. Daichi & Sawaka deserve the award for the most well behaved team. There is something about this brother Sister duo that just appeals to you. Daichi is cute!

    Rovilson just cracks me up with his asides, love his hairstyle. Marc is the darling of this season. I am rooting for this team!

  3. I would like Edwin and Monica to survive because I am from Hong Kong too. 🙂

    I hope they will become another Sandy and Francesca and recover from the bad start soon.

  4. hehe enough for the all girl team.. come on guys.. show them the power.. show the world that asian males were not weak..

    i see pam and van as the dustin and kandice, and marc and rovilson as tyler and james, both from TARA10.. tough girls huh.. who knows? TARA10 might happen again in this race for the sisters..

    well, good luck to all of the teams.. im expecting fun and twist on this race..

  5. Go Marc and Rovilson!

    You’re my only reason for watching the the second Asian edition. Damn! I’ve been seeing them on TV for years now, and I swear, they’ve always been the way they are in the Amazing Race. Being hosts of sports shows definitely gives them an edge over most of the other contestants. It doesn’t hurt that Marc is freaking hot, either.:) Those billboards of him shirtless are just super drool-worthy.

    I think it’s great that they keep things funny, not taking things way too seriously. I swear, the sight of them riding a jeep then riding a padyak/pedicab/whatever-it’s-called instead of a taxi was hilarious! I never thought I’d see them ride in them. I hope they win.

    I like the Japanese team, and Paula and Natasha. I hope they go far.

    And really, Terri has to got to chill out. Her screaming voice gets very irritating after a while. It’s amazing that Henry can deal with that. Wow.

  6. hey guys! just finished watching the second episode of the race! im sooo happy MARC and ROVILSON bagged the first place! in their homeland! woohoo! cheers!
    they really proved they’ve got brains and oh so hot bods! hahaha..gudluck! go team Philippines! i also root for Adrian and Collin.i salute you both! 🙂

  7. terry…..that nagging thing….is not cute.

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