ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 10 – The Girls Go To Shanghai [watch]

November 23, 2007

This week the girls head over to Shanghai, China!

Firstly, the videos: (huge thanks to dodash8!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The show starts with the girls packing, ready to fly over to Shanghai, China. Lisa begins with her her insecurity in the game and that her confidence is fading due to her poor performance lately. While packing, the girls’ clothes are scattered all over the floor, with Heather positioned in the middle. Bianca snapped at her for not budging and that she talks to her like talking to her little sister.

The girls arrive in Shanghai, and everyone screams like little girls while admiring the scenery. Chantal thought China would be dull, not full of lights. Bianca has her mind set on shopping, shopping and more shopping. They met up with Mr Jay and Miss J, who told them that only one would be the last standing (like they didn’t know that already).

They arrived at their penthouse, only to find 4 small beds and 1 large bed in the bedroom. Everyone marks their territory with Heather left alone. Saleisha grabs the big bed to her own and doesn’t want to share. This results in Heather getting emotional and Chantal being upset cause the girls always gang up on her so she went to compromise things. Jenah and Bianca ended up sharing the large bed while Heather and Saleisha takes the single beds. Bianca meanwhile was happy with Saleisha’s attitude towards Heather and jokes, “you just made my day.”

The next day, they arrived at the Shanghai Film Studio, which was dubbed by Jenah, “the Universal Studios of Shanghai”. They met “tour guide” Louis Liu, who was then “attacked” by some martial artist, which freaked the girls out. They found out it was staged, and that Louis is a professional martial artist. Louis taught them martial arts, and as Lisa says, it’s critical as it helps the models to realize their body poses. For their challenge, they have to hang in the air while striking various poses that he thought them. Heather was enthusiastic about it as she loves the idea of martial arts in the air. Quote: “I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts,but my mom never let me… Thanks mum.” XD

The blondes Jenah and Chantal goes first, and later Lisa and Saleisha. When it was Heather and Bianca’s turn, Bianca was frightened because she has a phobia of heights, thus disqualified herself from the challenge. Heather goes on air solo, and was graceful in the air while posing.

Ultimately, Heather won the challenge. Her prize was a shopping spree worth 4000rmb = $532.18. She wants to pick Bianca as a friend, but chose Chantal instead. Heather and Chantal patrolled through the street of Shanghai, hunting for more stuff to add to their already overloaded baggages. Heather stated that they “stood out like sore thumbs” as they were so tall and the cititzens were shorter by a head.

The next day, they found out they had to do a commercial and photoshoot for Covergirl’s Queen Collection. Saleisha brought out the charm in her, impressing Jay. Bianca was okay in hers, stating that she’s a queen because “[she] has flaws and makes them beautiful.” Heather stumbled in hers, and Jay aided by reading her the lines one by one. Jenah did 13 takes. Chantal was the girly-girl image and pulled through. Lisa went on the verge of tears and stuttered. The girls then did photoshoots.

In the newly furnished Chinese styled panel, Lisa was criticized for wanting to cry in the commercial, but her photo was stunning and approachable. Tyra taught her to cry if she wanted to and not to keep her feelings inside. Chantal was praised for her great commercial, but she needed work on her smile in her photos. Bianca was next. As Tyra puts it, her commercial was “flawed all over but [she] looked beautiful”, and her photo depicted the image of a strong black woman. Nigel then said Jenah’s commercial was not charming or genuine enough, but Tyra liked her photo for being able to toss her hair back and enjoy. Saleisha’s commercial had good reviews, but her smile too needed work. Heather was next, and Tyra knocked her down, saying it wasn’t great that Jay helped her line by line, and more squabbles on not being fair and her illness. Her photo turned out great and stunned the judges.

In deliberation, Heather was again criticized on her performance. Tyra liked her photo and didn’t know that she could smile. (who can’t smile?) Lisa’s commercial was weak, and Twiggy stated that none of the girls had a great take. Everyone liked Chantal’s. Saleisha’s improvement was questioned by Miss J and Tyra, but Nigel backed her up. He then said Jenah’s charm wasn’t coming through and doesn’t think she deserves to be there. Tyra also questioned her desire to be there. Bianca’s commercial was said to be bad but her photo was good.

Roll call. Chantal was first as she was stated, “better than the rest”. Saleisha was next, then Bianca, who was told to conquer her fear. Jenah was next to call, and Tyra told her to give more charm to her presense.

Lisa and Heather landed in the bottom 2. Lisa was criticized on her inability to handle stress and it’s a “harsh harsh world out there”. Heather was pulled down on her performance in the commercial.

Heather was given another chance because she had more edge and spunk, and Lisa was given the ticket back to the States. Lisa was grateful that she’s gotton thus far, and was sent home.


First of all, Bianca and Suckleisha Saleisha were so mean to Heather. Urgh. I can’t stand Saleisha most of all. I’ve always disliked her since the beginning. And to think that Tyra would be hard on her because she went to her Tzone camp. Yeah right. Suckleisha is definitely Tyra’s favourite. So is Nigel’s. He always backs up Saleisha, and then disses the other girls. Favouritsm!!

It was so ironic that Heather wanted to help calm Bianca on the challenge. And Bianca was so mean to Heather. Hope she goes home before Heather does.

Heather and Jenah looked stunning in the commercial, although their performance was bad. As much as I don’t like to say this, Suckleisha’s commercial was good, as her looks and personality give her an advantage in this situation. But I still hate her evil weave. It looks so fake and ugly.

Photoshoot-wise, I think Heather’s the best. Her pose and smile are so lovely. Jenah’s profile photo was good too, as it is different from the others. Lisa also smiled so stunningly. Suckleisha and Princess Chantal’s photos were weird though, aside from their smiles. Why are they at the edge of the photos? Bianca’s was… okay.

As much as I hate it, Saleisha is now the judges favourite and most likely to win. I can bet on that!

Covergirl of the week:

heather kuzmich

Miss Heather’s 7th week in a row! She really has a large fan base. πŸ™‚

(For the other photos, go to CWTV)

Future episode:

The top 5 go on go-sees in Shanghai, as Suckleisha shrieks it, “GO SEES! GO SEES!” She praises the dress of the designer, and is described “[she] kisses ass” by Chantal. The girls have a photoshoot with lion dancers, and Jenah is “scared the hell out” for not getting good feedbacks. (Aww man!)

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  2. Hey!

    poor Heather…
    she almost fly away from China this week!
    bummer to Lisa…
    she’s one of my favorite…

  3. I LOVE salisha!! shes so cute and happy!!! i also like Chantal! thanks for the show…i missed that week!

  4. hi..I do agree with u in terms of photoshoot-wise, which I think Heather effortlessly nailed each one of photoshoot. And Jenah would be d-2nd place.

    But d-probs is, Heather, as we’all know, not good at commnucation due to her Autisme or something. Anyway, I just come accross a top 10 quote of supermodel by Linda Evangelista. Here’s d-quote

    Linda Evangelista: “I can do anything you want me to do so long as I don’t have to speak.”



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