Stormbreaker [review]

November 21, 2007

The Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz is incredibly page gripping, I love them all so much! This movie is adapted from the first book, Stormbreaker.


Alex Rider, 14 doesn’t know that his uncle, Ian Rider is a spy. In fact, Ian has been training Alex without his knowing for his whole life. On a mission, Ian was killed, and the Secret Spy Agency wants Alex to be their spy. Alex accepts when they gave him an offer that his housekeeper, Jack’s visa will be renewed.

Every schoolboy’s dream.

Alex is sent to spy on Sayle, who is working on a project, the Stormbreaker, which acts as a virtual computer to aid schools throughout the country. The agency suspects that Sayle is up to something. Alex disguises as Kevin Blake and was invited to try out the new tech by Sayle. Alex snoops around and soon they discover that he is a spy, which then leads to missions of capturing him. He found out that the launching of the Stormbreakers will release a deadly virus to the environment, killing all school children. Alex marvelously escaped from evil clutches and eventually saved the day from this horrible disaster.

Alex Pettyfer potrays Alex Rider wonderfully. He has that schoolboy look, and he’s able to pull of his character’s bravery and ignorance perfectly.

Alex saving Sabina while hanging from the tower.

This movie holds your breath till the last scene. (except the part where Alex was hanging for dear life on the tower, the acting wasn’t very good) There’s action, adventure and even humour. It’s definitely a great movie. I hope they continue shooting the sequel of the movie. (PS: There’s a new book, Snakehead! Got to read it!)

Rating: * * * * and a half / 5


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  1. Sounds childish. I give it a one out of five. Haha..

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