Hairspray [review]

November 20, 2007

I’ve wanted to watch this movie since it showed in the cinemas, but never got the chance. Finally I got the chance, and watched it yesterday to my heart’s content. I’ve got to say this movie is really good, one of the best musicals (or movies) I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s all full of comedy and laughter, plus the theme of the movie is really strong, wanting to press on the issue of skin colour seperation.

Hairspray Poster

Hairspray is about a high school girl, Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) who is glued to a TV show, the Corny Collins show. Her biggest dream is to be able to dance on the show with the cast and most importantly, hook up with Link (Zac Efron), but her ambition is hurdled by her mother, Edna (John Travolta). Meanwhile her father, Wilbur (Christopher Walken) encourages her to try out, and eventually she got the job when Link saw her dancing in detention class.

Tracy raises colour issues in the show, leading to fustration of the show manager, Velma (Michelle Pfeiffer), and annoyed her daughter, Amber. They plan to kick her off the show, but Tracy’s popularity makes it hard to do so.

Tracy befriends the black community, bonds with Maybelle (Queen Latifah) and her son Seaweed (Elijah Kelley). She soon starts the colour issue again and the community start to protest. Cops come and plans to capture Tracy, but was helped by her best friend, Penny (Amanda Bynes), Seaweed, Maybelle and the rest of them.

Edna and Tracy.

While everyone thinks she will not go on the show anymore, Tracy sneaks in and shows up in the show and plans to snatch the crown of Miss Teenage Hairspray from Amber. The rest of the negro community shows up and they all dance together while Velma is caught on tape for switching the votes to enable Amber winning.

Maybelle’s daughter, Inez (Taylor Parks) turns out to be the winner. The host, Corny Collins (James Marsden) declares that black and white can now both participate in the show, Penny makes up with Seaweed, and Link finally kisses Tracy.

The Corny Collins Show.

This movie is no doubt great, full of humour which leads to endless laughter. Everyone played their part superbly. I was surprised with Zac Efron, he pulled off this movie, while his acting in High School Musical 2 was fairly average. Nikki Blonsky too won my heart over, her bubbly and high spirited character is fun to watch. John Travolta plays the hard part of being a lady, and I’d say he did exceptionally well. The only con was his voice, he couldn’t make it like a lady’s. Hehe. The vile Michelle Pfeiffer was great too, her evil doings and her snobbyness showed her professionalism in acting.

Not just the movie, the songs in the movie are all wonderful. They’re all so easy on the ears, catchy, humorous and fun. I was surprised it lost to HSM2’s soundtrack at the AMAs, but nevertheless both are great. Best songs include Queen Latifah’s “I Know Where I’ve Been”, Nikki Blonsky’s “Good Morning Baltimore” and “Welcome To The 60s”. The vocals are strong throughout the soundtrack. Definitely recommended.

Like Oprah Winfrey said on her show over and over again, this show is definitely a ‘family movie’ and a great one at that too. A stellar movie for all.

Rating: * * * * * / 5




  1. Boy, i recommend u not 2 use ‘negro’… sensitive oh Beter change.

  2. Nah-uh. The movie said that repeated that over and over.

  3. I agree, don’t use negro. Offensive. U like people calling Chinese “Communist”?
    Anyway, Lols, i didn’t noe John Trvota acted in this film. Gonna watch it.

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