2007 American Music Awards Red Carpet Photos

November 19, 2007

Here are some of the red carpet photos:

Avril Lavigne is Hot!

What’s Omarosa doing there?

He Said She Said you’re pretty, Ashley Tisdale.

Big Fergie don’t cry.

Don’t forget to remember Carrie Underwood.

I got it from Will.I.Am.

Nobody’s as perfect as Miley Cyrus.

Baby Nicole Scherzinger is love.

Call S.O.S! Jonas Brothers are here.

Ryne Sanborn aka Jason from HSM2.

You’re beautiful, James Blunt.

Monique Coleman aka Taylor from HSM2.

Stunning Jordin Sparks is on my heart just like a tattoo!

Beautiful man…? Sean Kingston.

Tony Hawk.

Kaycee Stroh aka Martha from HSM2.

It’s Amanda manda manda Amanda Bynes.

One Republic doesn’t want to apologize.

Vanessa Hudgens, come back to me!

You can be sick of love songs, but not Ne-Yo.

Love like Natasha Bedingfield.

Small town girl, Kellie Pickler.

I won’t go home without Maroon 5.

And I’m going home with Daughtry.

Take me there, Rascal Flatts.

Queen Latifah all smiling and pretty.

Why that forced smile, Ryan Seacrest?

Mary J Blige is just fine.

No one dresses better than Alicia Keys!

(Pictures courtesy of ABC)

Scroll down for the recap of the show!

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One comment

  1. They say Avril’s dress looks like a Christmas wrapping paper. Lols.

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