Idols Revealed – Season 6 Top 11

November 16, 2007

J.D. Roberto reveals the secrets behind the cast of American Idol 6 during the top 11 week.

Facts: 😉

  1. Sanjaya talks on the ‘Crying Girl’, Ashley. She actually likes and cries to everyone, not just Sanjaya.
  2. Chris R is Chris S’s personal trainer. 🙂
  3. Phil’s 3 1/2 year old daughter, Chloe has a huge crush on Chris R. Awwww.
  4. Blake stutters when he talks about his ‘best friend’, Chris R. *cough cough*
  5. They have the same taste in women. *cough cough*
  6. Blake and Gina have sexual tension between them. (Gina’s enganged, so no, it’s not happening)
  7. American Idol is a talent/singing/personality contest.
  8. Chris R and Blake sing the best songs. (As said by Brandon, so true)

Very interesting and funny interview!


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