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Bridge To Terabithia [review]

November 14, 2007

I watched this movie yesterday. Never got the chance to catch it in the cinemas last time, and this movie was recommended by one of my friends, so what the heck?

bridge to terabithia poster

This story is about a young boy, Jesse, who is sort of an underdog in school. He trains all summer to be the fastest boy in his grade, but when the race ended he was beated by a new girl, Leslie, who turned out to be his neighbour.

Jesse is a quiet boy who loves drawing and has a wide imagination. He secretly wants his father’s love and attention, only to be scolded at times. Jesse quickly became great friends with Leslie, and they discovered a rope swing in the forest which leads to a treehouse. Using their imagination, they created a kingdom called Terabithia, with magical creatures like trolls.

One day, Jesse’s music teacher brings him to the museum for a trip. When he got back he found out that Leslie had died, being drowned in the river because the rope swing broke. Jesse came to realize his friend is finally gone, and he continues their kingdom by inviting his sister to join in.

I kind of love this movie, there’s one word to describe it, bittersweet. It’s nice and touching but so sad at the end. I have to admit Leslie’s death caught me by surprise, it was such an unexpected twist.

The actor/actress I like most is AnnaSophia Robb, the girl who plays Leslie. (who portrayed Violet Buearegarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) I think she’s very pretty and charming, giving her character that optimistic, bubbly feeling.

This movie is a roller coaster ride full of anxiety, joy, angst and ultimately, grieve and sadness.

The theme… Friendship never ends. Imagination is unending.

Rating: * * * * / 5


Goodbye, 1 Sen.

November 14, 2007

Starting 1st April of next year, the Malaysian Government will begin ‘Operation Round-Up’ in all goods for sale, which means, there will be no RM48.99 or RM53.67 anymore, but RM49.00 and RM53.65 respectively.

The Rounding Mechanism only applies to the total amount of a bill and not on individual items . In the Rounding Mechanism exercise, the total amount of a bill inclusive of tax, which ends in 1, 2, 6 and 7 sen will be rounded downwards to the nearest multiple of 5 sen while the total bill which ends in 3, 4, 8 and 9 sen will be rounded upwards.

Which means if your bill is RM69.93 you have to pay RM69.95, for RM2.99 pay RM3.00, for RM57.22 pay RM57.20 and so on. Apparently this is to reduce the making of the one sen coin, which is made out of copper. This can help reduce the ‘unnecessary costs’ of copper. The one sen coin will still be in use though.

1 sen

Ah well. We’ll just have to calculate everytime we buy something and hope it falls in the ‘1-2’ and ‘6-7’ cents category.


November 14, 2007

This site really rocks. It is a site where you can help out the poor and improve your vocabulary, all in one place. That’s like a two-in-one coffee. Nice and thick. gives away 10 grains of rice to the poor through United Nations everytime you get a word right. Isn’t that great? They give you a couple of words, and you have to guess the meaning.

For example, from the screenshot above, the meaning of revolver.

If you guessed pistol, which is the right answer, you just donated 10 grains of rice! But if you pick witchcraft, a wrong answer, nothing happens. 🙂

For each correct word you get to advance to a higher level. But for a wrong answer you’ll get an easier word. There are 50 levels all in all, and as puts it,

“There are 50 levels in all, but it is rare for people to get above level 48.”

I think it is great site to improve your vocab. And imagine, you can even take part in helping the needy! It’s really great.

The site has donated 1,712,371,750 up to date, over a span of nearly two months. Imagine how many people will have food in a year.

So play now and help!


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