Vote For J.K.Rowling for TIME magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’!

November 9, 2007

Remember to vote for J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series as the ‘Person Of The Year’ by TIME magazine!

Go here to vote! (follow the link)

j k rowling

Here’s what TIME has to say about Jo:

Pro: Finished a seven-book epic that will be read by children (and lots of adults) for generations to come. Slowly creeping up on Agatha Christie as the most read author not named Shakespeare.

Con: Seventh book wasn’t her best, and hard to argue she was the most important person of 2007.

Deathly Hallows wasn’t her best? Yeah right. It IS the best.

She’s currently in the lead by 7,000 votes. Behind her are people like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Although the editors of magazine do have the authority to change the standings… And IF they do, the voting process will be very much pointless.




  1. J. K. Rowling should be named Person of the Year. Didn’t know the public could vote until I got an email about this; I’m delighted to “vote” for Rowling. I do think book 7 was one of the 3 best. This 7 book series, really one book, will be a classic and the hype around it was generated by children and adults who love the books, not by the media. Please make her Time’s Person of the Year! I would certainly then buy copies of that issue!

  2. i do love me some jk rowling; i really do – but gore has done more for the world at large… he should win.

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