Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Wants To Be Single No More!

November 9, 2007

Stop day dreaming girls! XD Move over. Malaysia’s first astronaut wants to get married by 2009. Awwww.

sheikh muszaphar

Pssst! Your name is spelled wrongly on your name tag!

Article from The Star newspaper:

Angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor plans to end his bachelorhood by 2009.

While declaring that he would want to get married by then, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar did not say if he had any girlfriend or was seeing anyone special at the moment.

He merely smiled when the question was posed to him twice by reporters at the Parliament Lobby yesterday when he met MPs and attended the luncheon hosted by the Backbenchers Club.

Earlier, he said: “I am already 35, going on 36 and hope to be married by 2009.”

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar wants to end a two-year contract that he signed with the Government which requires him to remain single so that he could concentrate on the space programme.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis had said in his speech that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar wanted to end the contract earlier now that he had completed the space mission.

“We signed the contract with him last year and he has one more year to go,” he said.

Hopefully marriage will cheer him up as his brother just passed away a few weeks ago.

Hmmm and what’s up with the sneaky girlfriend. Go paparazzi, go! XD

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  1. Congratulations to dr sheikh muszaphar shukor and his future wife.. Hopefuly they will happy ever after.. Hey girls out there stop dreaming about him!!

  2. Oh my gawd. He’s so hawt! Lucky is his future wife!
    He’s a hot person with BRAINS.
    and trust me, that’s a VERY RARE combination. =)

  3. oh no…he is getting married!!!anyway,im still admire him…hope he n his future wife will happy ever after…hehe3..may allah bless him..hope 1 day i can met him although from far n although only in my dream…congrats!!!!

  4. Congratulaition to d.r sheikh muszaphar.semoga berbahagia sampai ke akhir hayat dan selamat pengantin baru

  5. most eligible bachelor..but not for long…

  6. alhamdulillah..congratulation 2 dr.sms.moga hidup bahagia bersama bakal isteri tercinta..amin….

  7. alah…dr dah nak kawin ke??????alah…jemput org sabah jugak tau…

  8. salam……….boleh saya tahu e-mil dr sms

  9. btul ke dr.sheikh nk dtg sklh smk.kgv???sya nk jmpa sngt dgn angkasawan ptama negara kita……

  10. Hi…

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