ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 8 – The Girls Who Crawls [watch]

November 9, 2007

This episode refers to the girls learning moving lessons from Tyra. There is no photoshoots for this episode. (Bummer)

Firstly, the videos: (huge thanks to dodash8)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Tyra teaches the ladies how to model in front of a moving camera. Things between Heather and Bianca heated up as Bianca thinks that Heather doesn’t work much to get beautiful shots, and that she just stands there and doesn’t put much effort. This is proved when Tyra applauds Heather in the moving lesson, and Bianca criticizes her for looking effortless. Later, the contestants shoot a music video with Enrique Iglesias. The challenge for the week was having a more featured role in the music video. This was not based on a girl’s skill but whether or not the girl fit the vampire theme of the music video. Lisa was chosen for her dark looks. Heather was picked as well for her gothic looks, which annoyed Bianca. Heather passed out due to the heat of the set and lack of energy, and she didn’t have any food since breakfast. In judging, Ambreal was criticized for going too ‘hoochie’, but was given another chance. Jenah was also said to be unnatural in front of the camera, but her amazing photos allowed her to stay. Chantal and Sarah landed in the bottom two, both for their okay performances. Sarah was eliminated because of her body type, which is between plus sized and ‘model-thin’.


I don’t quite like this episode, as there are no photoshoots, only a music video. I mean, is being in a music video going to help the girls in their future modelling carrier? It is again, a waste of time. Bianca goes back to her b*tchy attitude, constantly picking on Heather. I think she’s just jealous. Huh. Heather still rocks. Sarah being eliminated is stupid. What kind of reason is ‘losing her plus size body’? She came in perfectly fine and took nice photos. You can’t just boot a girl for having a normal body, not plus sized or being aneroxic-ly thin. That’s just dumb. I don’t think any of the girls deserves to be kicked off this week, as it wasn’t a ‘fair’ episode, being the music video and all. But if I had to choose, I’d get rid of Bianca, not because of her performance, but of her attitude.

Future episode:

The girls get deserted in a desert, and the photoshoot will be posing beside a burning car in the desert. It also shows Ambreal walking the catwalk. Heather heats up again and starts scolding the other girls, and surprisingly the camera shows her butt.

Cover girl of the week:

heather kuzmich

Once again, Heather! đŸ™‚ She has amazingly won 5 Cover Girl of the week consistently. Go Heather!


The music video which features the girls in Enrique Iglesias’ music video ‘Tired Of Being Sorry’. There are two versions, the first was shot before ANTM9. This is the ANTM version.

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  1. Hey!! Awesome website. Video= horrorshow!! Thanks for the update on ANTM…very detailed!! you rock!!

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