Blake Lewis – “Audio Day Dream” Album Cover

November 8, 2007

After lots of flying rumours of this cover being American Idol 6 runner up Blake’s Lewis’ album cover, it has been certified OFFICIAL. This is from Amazon.

This will be his album cover for “Audio Day Dream”.

audio day dream

Not to be a meanie, but I don’t really like this cover. I prefer the blue one that he posted on his MySpace a few days ago, it’s much easier on the eyes.

But on the plus side, this cover has colours that pops out at you, so when you go to the CD store it won’t be hard to find. 😉 And I suppose Blake looks up and all dreamy cause he’s day dreaming, thus the title “Audio Day Dream“. And maybe he wanted it purple cause the songs are 70s, 80s inspired music.

Anyway, hope the songs are better than the album cover! “Break Anotha” and “Know My Name” are really catchy.

Blake Lewis’ “Audio Day Dream” comes out on December 4th, 2007.

Please leave comments? What do you think?


One comment

  1. i really like the way blake lewis sing a song the beatboxing the dance and all in the complete pack i cannot wait to buy his album hehe.

    i hope he can be another CLAY AIKEN
    go go blake

    note: i also dont like the cover hehe

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