Jordin Sparks’ Album Track Listing

November 5, 2007

Here is the track list for Jordin Sparks’ self titled album! This is from Amazon.

jordin sparks

Track List:
1. Tattoo
2. One Step At A Time
3. No Air duet with Chris Brown
4. Freeze
5. Shy Boy
6. Now You Tell Me
7. Next To You
8. Just For The Record
9. Permanent Monday
10. Young And In Love
11. See My Side
12. God Loves Ugly
13. This Is My Now

Jordin’s first single ‘Tattoo’ is placed first. Her winning song from American Idol, ‘This Is My Now’ is listed too, at number 13. Seems like Jordin wants her victory song in her album, similar to Kelly Clarkson with ‘A Moment Like This’ and Carrie Underwood’s ‘Inside Your Heaven’; unlike Taylor Hicks, who didn’t place his winning song ‘Do I Make You Proud’ in his album. which has very bad album sales.

Guh. Can’t wait for her album! Jordin’s CD debuts on November 20th.

What do you think? Will it be a great album or not? Leave comments!

UPDATE: Go to the first page to download Jordin’s album!



  1. […] the plus side, Blake aka Bshorty has 16 tracks while Jordin has only 13. The intro and outro of the album, “Silence Is Golden… I Choose […]

  2. I think the album will do well, but not stellar. Too many hands in the mix and trying to be too many things at once. Also, she tries a little vocal gymnastics when it’s not necessary with her wonderful voice, and indeed THAT was one of the reasons she won. She’ll have 2-3 releases off it I think, but her followup will show what she’s learned and applied. I absolutely love her and hope she achieves her potential. I actually think that she could be known as one of our true ARTISTS in 10 years time; in the same breath as Streisand, Houston, and Carey.

  3. awesome album

  4. u rock man ur songs r

  5. you are a great singer and i dosernt matter if you dont bring much out it take ages to write a songs u rock so much

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