Westlife – “Back Home” [download]

November 4, 2007

Westlife is back with their ninth studio album. Westlife is my all time favourite band. They have been around for almost 10 years and their music are still going strong. Not to mention a full gang of hot, guys. XD (cut Brian McFadden, who dropped out) ‘Home’ is the first track and the first single of the album. It’s a great song that everyone will fall in love with.

westlife-back home

Track List
01. Home
02. Us Against The World
03. Something Right
04. I’m Already There
05. When I’m With You
06. Have You Ever
07. It’s You
08. Catch My Breath
09. The Easy Way
10. I Do
11. Pictures In My Head
12. You Must Have Had A Broken Heart

Download: HERE

Best Tracks: ‘Home’ and the rest of it!

Kudos, Westlife!

Now I’ve worked my butt off finding and uploading this, so show some appreciation, the least you can do is leave some comments!

Enjoy! 🙂

(dedicated to Doc)



  1. wow westlife, my wife is fans of westlife.
    btw may i have the song

  2. oh its not yours
    so what about the link that you put there

  3. i uploaded the full album link, but i didnt upload the individual files. the link is mine.

  4. i’ve been waiting for this! Thank you very much dudE!!

  5. thanks! =)

  6. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. love westlife thanks for uploadin

  8. thanks heaps for uploading this album – appreciate it!

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