Rewind: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 1

November 1, 2007

Since I never watched ANTM1 before (only started at Cycle 2), I decided to watch it via YouTube (huge thanks to tausili!)

antm cycle 1

Cycle 1 comes to me as a really amateur show back then, Tyra is still unexperienced, and harsh! Plus she always credits herself such as ‘I’ve had worked with every top photographer in the world..’ and so on.

The judging panel was Janice Dickinson (the world’s first supermodel…), Beau Quillian (editor of Marie Claire magazine), Kimora Lee Simmons (owner of Baby Phat) and Tyra Banks herself. I was surprised to see Beau and Kimora, cause I thought since Cycle 1 the judges were Nigel Barker and Nole Marrin.

The contestants were nice, bitchy etc etc. There were the Christians vs the pagans. XD That was funny cause religion really seperated them.

My most favourite contestants are of course, Elyse and Adrianne, the BFFs. Elyse is so pretty and smart. (but so thin!) Glad she isn’t aneroxic. Adrianne is wild and funny. These two are so fun to watch!

elyse sewell


adrienne curry


My other favs are Shannon, Kesse and Nicole.





I think Nicole is so pretty and has so much potential, but she let her emotions take over, wanting her boyfriend to be by her side 24/7 just breaks her down.

shannon and brad

Shannon and Brad

Wow Shannon actually met her dream guy, Brad Pinkert. His favourite book: the bible. Her favourite book: the bible. Click! I wonder if they’re together? Shannon being a virgin… Hmmm…

I really hated this cycle’s photoshoots. So amateur. All about swimwear, lingerie, more swimwear, nude, more swimwear… It’s all about exposing. No high fashion shots at all. I hate that.

I liked that Adrianne won, but my first choice would be Elyse. She’s more high fashion. Pity Adrianne cut herself from ANTM, claiming she never got her prizes for winning. Ah, the drama. Elyse turned out to be very successful in Hong Kong.

But overall, this cycle turns out to be a great cycle. My first impression of this cycle being boring dissolved.

Go Elyse and Adrianne!

Elyse’s LiveJournal: http://elysesewell.livejournal.com

Adrianne’s MySpace: http://myspace.com/adricurry

ANTM Cycle 1 Playlist URL: HERE (thanks to tausili!)



  1. wow nice pictures there

  2. they look very nice
    i klike adriana and shannon and kesse

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