Jordin Sparks: Being A Virgin Is Hard!

November 1, 2007

Well duh it is. 🙂

jordin sparks

From Showbizspy:

‘American Idol’ winner Jordin Sparks has revealed that staying a virgin has no been easy.

Sparks, who won he sixth season of the reality television show told Us magazine at KIIS-FM’s Homecoming Concert: “Temptation is always there, it’s hard everyday, but I made a promise to myself.”

Us Magazine reports that Jordin, a committed Christian has worn a platinum “promise ring” since she was 13-years-old — bearing the inscription “True Love Waits” — that her parents gave her, and she plans to keep it on.

“I wasn’t ever forced into [wearing the ring],” she said. “It’s all about making the right choice and not putting yourself in that situation.”

Still, Jordin says she wouldn’t mind boyfriend! – when asked what her dream guy would be like, she responded: “They have to make me laugh because I love to laugh, they have to have nice teeth. They could be athletic and sing … and play an instrument.”

Interesting. Boyfriend = Chris Richardson…?

Just release your album and you’ll be so ecstatic you’ll forget about all these problems. XD Jordin’s self titled album comes out on November 20th! Don’t miss it!



  1. Yeah, I was thinking Chris Rich, too.
    Good luck, Jordin with the cd release, and maintaining your virginity.

  2. then why did she kiss blake so many times in her photos

  3. I like and congratulate you for maintaining yourself and being a role model to the youth. Am also in your trap girl

  4. am a Kenyan 19 years and still a virgin like you.nice day.

  5. I’m turning 14, and got my promise-ring when I turned 13.. It can certainly be hard!!! AND TRUE LOVE DOES WAIT!!! GOOD FOR YOU JORDIN!!!

  6. Is gud 2 knw dat alot of peeps wer purity rings
    !im 17 an I do and its hard bt a promise iz a promise so da man who luvs mi wont av a prob waitin! Thanks jordin 4 being a role model 2 da youth of 2day!
    Nd i luv ur music ma bst song iz Next to you! Luv ya

  7. That is incredible. I’m also 20 and I’m still a virgin (no promise ring included, just by choice…waiting for love) so I’m so proud of this girl! It’s rare for girls to maintain purity in that department…especially when you’re as pretty as her! Keep it up, girl!

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