Simple Plan – “When I’m Gone” [download]

October 31, 2007

Simple Plan are back in action! They just released a new single – “When I’m Gone” yesterday. This song is another SP-type song, boy-band-ish, pop sounds. I really like the song, it’s great, and I think suits as the single perfectly. Their album will be released on January 29, 2008.

when im gone

Download: HERE

Please leave comments. Really appreciated. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

Seriously, download it quick!



  1. lov them:X

  2. Great song xD

  3. I want to download simple_plan–when_Im_gone

  4. I reposted the link!

  5. It says “invalid quickkey” at the top of the mediafire page…

  6. I reuploaded it again. Better download it quick! enjoy.

  7. i want the mp3 right now

  8. dssd

  9. fdsfs

  10. when I’m gone

  11. I can’t take it too .
    Can you rereupload please ^^’ ?

  12. Okay I reuploaded it. Enjoy!

  13. I love SIMPLE PLAN…

  14. thanks for the free download….
    i like that
    are you heve the full album

  15. Thanks man! its a nice song!

  16. hey!……the song is jus MINDBLOWING!!…..thanx a tonn

  17. hey……this song is mindblowing .I must appreciate the singer

  18. nice song…i like the snow flakes

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