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The Halloween Spirit in Major Websites

October 31, 2007

Major websites has done a little makeover as expected. Every festive season/special day they will change their logo into something more festive-ish. It’d very fun to watch the creativity of these websites.

For instance, Yahoo! has done a little animation:




Very cute animation. Yahoo!’s major rival, Google has changed its logo too, like always:

google halloween

I’ve always admired the creativity of Google. It always gives something unexpectable.

Of course, YouTube can’t lose either:

youtube halloween

Nice pumpkin. YouTube is currently under construction, so hope they finish soon.

My winner: Yahoo!

Let’s see who beats it to Christmas next.


October 31st – 10,000 Hits!

October 31, 2007

Yeah! My blog finally has 10,000 hits!

I started – My Domain Of Craziness – on May 16th, 2007 at 9:42:50 am. Since then this blog has been growing stronger and now it has finally hit the mark! 🙂

– My Domain Of Craziness – is currently 5th on WordPress’s fastest growing blog list. I’m very thankful and happy for that!


I wouldn’t have achieved this if it wasn’t for you guys, the visitors. Thanks and keep visiting to make this blog stronger! 🙂


Halloween is doing me good! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! TRICK OR TREAT!


Simple Plan – “When I’m Gone” [download]

October 31, 2007

Simple Plan are back in action! They just released a new single – “When I’m Gone” yesterday. This song is another SP-type song, boy-band-ish, pop sounds. I really like the song, it’s great, and I think suits as the single perfectly. Their album will be released on January 29, 2008.

when im gone

Download: HERE

Please leave comments. Really appreciated. Enjoy! 🙂

Seriously, download it quick!


Jordin Sparks’ debut self-titled Album Cover

October 31, 2007

Sweet! Its finally here! Here is the album cover for this year American Idol’s winner, Jordin Sparks’ new CD! This is from Amazon.

Jordin Sparks

I love it a lot! I think it’s stunning. Jordin is one pretty hawt lady. There were rumours saying that her album will be titled ‘Madamoiselle’, but I guess Jordin wants her name on her album, unlike Blake Lewis’ ‘Audio Day Dream’.

Her single Tattoo is growing on me and I love it a lot! Hopefully more songs will leak (!!) and we’ll get to hear more!

Jordin’s album comes out on November 20th, 2007. Remember to get a copy!

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