Blake Lewis’ New Single – “Break Another” [download]

October 30, 2007

American Idol 6 runner up, Blake Lewis’ new single is finally out! It’s called “Break Another”! This song is a disco-like, up-tempo song. Finally there’s a song from him after a long time! Can’t wait for the album – “Audio Day Dream”, crashing out on December 4th!

Break Another

Download 1: HERE 

Download 2: HERE

Enjoy! Comments are really appreciated. 🙂



  1. wow thanks for the links

  2. […] OMG, My Domain of Craziness has Blake’s next single “Break Another” for download! How on earth did they get […]

  3. I love you, and you new song, i love it, write to me, please, u have me msn ❤

  4. i love u iam your biggest fan!!!! well and soooo is my best friend ally**** your da best hit me up on mysapce! my name is shelly shellybach21@yahoo.com!!!!

  5. thank you very much..i really love this song!!!

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