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Backstreet Boys – Unbreakable

October 25, 2007

Ah boybands. They never get old. BSB has got to be one of the oldest and the few which are still surviving. Backstreet Boys (cut Kevin Richardson) is back with another album, ‘Unbreakable’. This album has great ballads and some other nice songs. Download the album here!


Track List
01. Everything But Mine
02. Inconsolable
03. Something That I Already Know
04. Helpless When She Smiles
05. Any Other Way
06. One In A Million
07. Panic
08. You Can Let Go
09. Trouble Is
10. Treat Me Right
11. Love Will Keep You Up All Night
12. Unmistakable
13. Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
14. Downpour
15. In Pieces
16. Nowhere To Go

Download: HERE

Best tracks: ‘Inconsolable’, ‘Something That I Already Know’ and most of the album.

To download individual file, right click -> save as. For full album, follow the link.

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Great job, BSB.



Britney Spears – Blackout [download]

October 25, 2007

Britney recovers with another new album! ‘Blackout’ really kicks punch with its forever up-tempo songs. I love this album a lot! Hopefully Britney gets positive reviews for it and will stop being ‘crazy’. She should do more ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time‘ or ‘Oops! I Did It Again‘ hits in the future. Download the album here!


Track List
01. Gimme More
02. Piece Of Me
03. Radar
04. Break The Ice
05. Heaven On Earth
06. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
07. Freakshow
08. Toy Soldier
09. Hot As Ice
10. Ooh Ooh Baby
11. Perfect Lover
12. Why Should I Be Sad

Download: HERE

Best Tracks: ‘Gimme More’, ‘Radar’, ‘Hot As Ice’

To download individual file, right click -> save as. For full download, follow the link.

Nothing beats listening to ‘It’s Britney Bitch’ at the start of the album!

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