Puppet Presentation

October 20, 2007

We had a puppet making-presentation yesterday. Although it was pretty childish, it was a whole lot of fun! Used polystyrene to make the puppets. We had to make up a story for out puppet presentation. Our story was about protecting the environment. The process of making the puppets are quite fun, you get to mess around with tins of paint (and get stained)

After making for about 2 hours, our polystyrene ‘puppets’ were done. Bona fide. 🙂

I would like to introduce the main characters:

Ting Pek King

The architect extraordinaire, Mr. Ting Pek King (XD), my friend, Tom’s idea and creation. (Ting Pek King is a political guy here)

Pooh bear

Pooh bear the bear, who longs for Honey all day long, a creation of Phil’s.

Tiger Beer The Tiger

Tiger beer the tiger, an ever-smiling predator whose skin is always wet (with paint!!), my creation.

Bunny the Bunny

Bunny the bunny, a cute but extremely huge rabbit, the wife of Pooh bear, but is having a secret affair with Tiger Beer, my creation and the first animal to be cut out from polystyrene born.

There were other props as well, a huge damned water dam, and a forest backdrop and a timecard inspired by Spongebob.

The presentation was something like this (Tom with the talking, Phil with the movements, and me with both):

Us: Good morning.
(introduce ourselves)
Tom: This is Ting Pek King, an architect.
Tom:This is Bunny the bunny, Pooh Bear the bear and Tiger Beer the tiger.
Ting Pek King: I would like to build a dam in this forest, under the supervision of the government and the sponsorship of Celcom and Samsung. (walks away)
Bunny: Oh no! A damned dam!
Pooh Bear: What should we do?
Tiger Beer: I dont know!
(at this point, Pooh Bear kisses his wife, Bunny without any reason)
Pooh Bear: I love you!
(TPK comes in, and the dam flies over and knocks down the forest, TPK switches on the switch at the side of the dam, water rushes out)
TPK: It’s alive!!..

(On of my teachers laughed and said, “A damned dam!” XD)
(Me holding a timecard which says ‘3 days later’)
Bunny: Oh no! The forest is dead! We’re dead! I’m dead! (dies)
Pooh Bear: No! I love you! (dies)
Tiger Beer: Oh well. (dies)
Us saying: The moral of the story is, we must protect the environment… (blah)


Another team was going for Spongebob.(I’m not surprised 😉 ) Their Spongebob puppet was very realistic, but Patrick was just a plain pink (red?) star with no facial expressions or pants. And there was an Evil Spongebob (supposedly a cousin of Spongebob’s) as well.

It went something like this:

Patrick: Hi, Spongebob.
Spongebob: Hello, Patrick.
EvilBob: Hey Spongebob, why are you talking to that pink blob(??) (couldn’t hear well)
Patrick: I am not a pink blob.
EvilBob: Yes you are.
Patrick: No I’m not. Bye Spongebob. (walks away)

Hehe! It was funny and pointless.

There was another team who were pretty creative. They took a huge chunk of polystyrene and cut out a hole in the middle, and painted it to resemble a TV. (brand-Sony) They even had a remote! I couldn’t understand their storyline much. A lot of chuckling and laughing from behind the TV though. 😀 Their moral: Help each other.

My favourite team though, were 2 guys who made 2 puppet which looks like those cannibal masks with ugly faces. Their artwork was really cool! Unfortunately they were really reluctant to do a presentation, but went anyway.

Their story:

Monster1: Hey, do you believe in God?
Monster2: Yes, I do!
Monster1: Hooray!

XD Guess what’s the moral? ‘Believe in God’!! Hehe!

In the end my team won top spot, the TV second and Spongebob third. Pity monsters didnt got any. I really liked theirs! 🙂

A fun and childish and really happy experience!!



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