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Puppet Presentation

October 20, 2007

We had a puppet making-presentation yesterday. Although it was pretty childish, it was a whole lot of fun! Used polystyrene to make the puppets. We had to make up a story for out puppet presentation. Our story was about protecting the environment. The process of making the puppets are quite fun, you get to mess around with tins of paint (and get stained)

After making for about 2 hours, our polystyrene ‘puppets’ were done. Bona fide. 🙂

I would like to introduce the main characters:

Ting Pek King

The architect extraordinaire, Mr. Ting Pek King (XD), my friend, Tom’s idea and creation. (Ting Pek King is a political guy here)

Pooh bear

Pooh bear the bear, who longs for Honey all day long, a creation of Phil’s.

Tiger Beer The Tiger

Tiger beer the tiger, an ever-smiling predator whose skin is always wet (with paint!!), my creation.

Bunny the Bunny

Bunny the bunny, a cute but extremely huge rabbit, the wife of Pooh bear, but is having a secret affair with Tiger Beer, my creation and the first animal to be cut out from polystyrene born.

There were other props as well, a huge damned water dam, and a forest backdrop and a timecard inspired by Spongebob.

The presentation was something like this (Tom with the talking, Phil with the movements, and me with both):

Us: Good morning.
(introduce ourselves)
Tom: This is Ting Pek King, an architect.
Tom:This is Bunny the bunny, Pooh Bear the bear and Tiger Beer the tiger.
Ting Pek King: I would like to build a dam in this forest, under the supervision of the government and the sponsorship of Celcom and Samsung. (walks away)
Bunny: Oh no! A damned dam!
Pooh Bear: What should we do?
Tiger Beer: I dont know!
(at this point, Pooh Bear kisses his wife, Bunny without any reason)
Pooh Bear: I love you!
(TPK comes in, and the dam flies over and knocks down the forest, TPK switches on the switch at the side of the dam, water rushes out)
TPK: It’s alive!!..

(On of my teachers laughed and said, “A damned dam!” XD)
(Me holding a timecard which says ‘3 days later’)
Bunny: Oh no! The forest is dead! We’re dead! I’m dead! (dies)
Pooh Bear: No! I love you! (dies)
Tiger Beer: Oh well. (dies)
Us saying: The moral of the story is, we must protect the environment… (blah)


Another team was going for Spongebob.(I’m not surprised 😉 ) Their Spongebob puppet was very realistic, but Patrick was just a plain pink (red?) star with no facial expressions or pants. And there was an Evil Spongebob (supposedly a cousin of Spongebob’s) as well.

It went something like this:

Patrick: Hi, Spongebob.
Spongebob: Hello, Patrick.
EvilBob: Hey Spongebob, why are you talking to that pink blob(??) (couldn’t hear well)
Patrick: I am not a pink blob.
EvilBob: Yes you are.
Patrick: No I’m not. Bye Spongebob. (walks away)

Hehe! It was funny and pointless.

There was another team who were pretty creative. They took a huge chunk of polystyrene and cut out a hole in the middle, and painted it to resemble a TV. (brand-Sony) They even had a remote! I couldn’t understand their storyline much. A lot of chuckling and laughing from behind the TV though. 😀 Their moral: Help each other.

My favourite team though, were 2 guys who made 2 puppet which looks like those cannibal masks with ugly faces. Their artwork was really cool! Unfortunately they were really reluctant to do a presentation, but went anyway.

Their story:

Monster1: Hey, do you believe in God?
Monster2: Yes, I do!
Monster1: Hooray!

XD Guess what’s the moral? ‘Believe in God’!! Hehe!

In the end my team won top spot, the TV second and Spongebob third. Pity monsters didnt got any. I really liked theirs! 🙂

A fun and childish and really happy experience!!



Dumbledore Is Gay!

October 20, 2007

J.K.Rowling answered questions during her book reading session in New York. Some interesting questions popped up!


Jo departed from previous readings and read from chapter 19 and started after a Horcrux was destroyed and Ron returned to Harry and Hermione. During her reading Jo took on the voices of each of the characters making sure that Hermione’s anger at Ron was projected to the audience. At one point Jo lost her composure when she read the line “No, I heard you coming out of my pocket.” which she did not finish, as the audience broke out in laughter followed by Jo laughing along with us.Below is a summary of the questions and answers from tonight’s event (paraphrased):

She was surprised that no one had ever asked her what Dumbledore’s wand was made of. If ever asked this question she would have simply said “It’s made of Elder” and left it at that.

In answering a question about Neville and finding love, Jo said that he married the landlady from the Leaky Cauldron which happened to be Hannah Abbott, and that living above the Leaky Cauldron would have impressed his students at Hogwarts.

When asked why she chose Molly to kill Bellatrix she replied that she wanted to 1) show that Molly was an extremely talented witch even though she spent most of her time in the kitchen, and 2) she wanted to compare the obsession Bellatrix had with Voldemort with Molly’s maternal love for her children.

The next question referred to what would have occurred if Arthur had died in Order of the Phoenix. Jo said that it would have changed books 5, 6 and 7 and that Ron’s character would have lost his sense of humor and taken away Harry’s refuge at the Weasley home. She also mentioned that Ron’s humor stemmed from insecurities and immaturity and that he was the last to become an adult, by facing his fears in the last book.

When eight-year-old Mia asked an Aberforth question, Jo asked her age and said that just for her the answer would be “that the goats were easy to keep clean and that they had curly horns,” as the audience roared with laughter.

Now for the question that stunned the audience – Did Dumbledore love anyone? Jo started to say “I always saw Dumbledore as gay” as a hush fell on the audience followed by a excited response by all in attendance. She went on to say that she had recently read the script for Half-Blood Prince and noticed a passage in which Dumbledore recalled a past female love – she immediately crossed out the passage and added the words “Dumbledore is gay” in the margin.

When asked about parseltongue, Jo answered that Ron had mastered one sound but it wouldn’t be a language someone could learn.

What was in Dumbledore’s letter to the Dursley’s in book 1 was the next question and Jo responded by saying that Petunia had wanted to go to Hogwarts and by taking in Harry she was taking in a part of the world that she never participate in.

Then next question is one that many fans have answered themselves in reference to the Basilisk and why did it not kill Voldemort’s soul in Harry. Rowling stated that Harry was not destroyed beyond repair because Fawkes was around to heal him but later was conveniently absent when other Horcruxes were destroyed.

Jo replied that Harry did not consult with Dumbledore’s portrait for 3 reasons: 1)The portrait was not available as it was at Hogwarts, 2) Dumbledore didn’t want to tempt Harry with the Hallows but wanted him to learn of them slowly due to Harry’s flaws and 3) it was too easy and there wouldn’t be a plot.

When asked to confirm that the Death Eaters were based on the Nazis, Jo answered by saying that it was a conscience decision, people will die and that you shouldn’t believe what your government or newspapers tell you.

When Jo reminisced about completing the first versus the last book she said that it was very similar and that her husband, who was in attendance, hated her for a few weeks because she was unbearable to live with.

After Jo had answered the initial 12 questions a spokesperson from Scholastic revealed that 4 additional questions would be asked by sweepstakes winners from the audience. First up asked if Malfoy now owed Harry a life-debt and Jo stated that there was no magical ties between the two but that Malfoy had to be forever grateful to Harry for saving his life, which is evident in the last chapter in book seven when meet at platform 9¾.

Donna, from the very top of Carnegie Hall was next in line and after sprinting down the stairwell she breathlessly asked “What was the careers after graduation of James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin?” Jo said Lupin was unemployable and impoverished because of his condition and that James, Lily and Sirius were employed full-time in the Order of the Phoenix (James was rich and that’s how they lived.)

When asked did Hagrid ever find love, the audience sighed and Jo responded that she should probably change her answer but that, no, he never did.

The last question of the night referred to Snape’s portrait and Harry and she answered that Harry would have insisted that it be hung in the headmaster’s office at Hogwarts but that he probably would not have visited it to converse with Snape. Jo is still surprised when she reads that fans are torn about Snape and unequivocally stated that Snape was “bitter, vindictive and mean.”

Ha! I suspected Dumbledore was gay. And I’m right! The first gay in a whole STRAIGHT series. XD Pity Hagrid.. Alone forever. I was hoping he’d marry Olympe. Neville x Hannah just sounds too random. Hmm. Dont quite like it. Another great QA session!