Malaysia’s (current) Two Most Eligible Bachelors

October 12, 2007

You know who I’m talking about. Yes, you’re right. These two:

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar and Capt. Faiz Khaleed, both astronauts, the first already sent into space. They are the hottest topic everywhere.

The more ‘popular’ one is of course, Dr. Sheikh, the part time lecturer, part time surgeon and part time (yes you’ve guess it) model.

People are always going, is he single? Married? No, he is single. But, people, he is 35. Quite old. Not surprisingly, he has his own FAN CLUB:

Even my mom was crazy over him. Before the primary astronaut was chosen, she went, “Oooh, I hope they choose Sheikh, he’s so handsome.” Well duh, he IS a model.

Stop drooling.

Let’s not forget the other guy. He is of course, the dentist, Capt. Faiz Khaleed, 27. Hmm. Quite eligible. I guess. He looks like the settle-down, nic, down-to-earth, committed guy.

Plus, he has a Friendster account: (if that helps)

And he was Cleo magazine’s 50 most eligible bachelors 2005. XD See his page HERE.

Long speech short, congrats to both of them for making it this far, and hope that Dr. Sheikh will come back safely and enjoys his Raya in outer space.


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