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Pirate Master Finale – Ben Won

October 11, 2007

It was the finale yesterday, and the underdog, Ben won the prize of half a million USD. Second place, previous captain, Christa lost, and could only watch Ben open the big treasure chest.

I kinda was rooting for Jay to win, but unfortunately for him, the past pirates (ghost crew) voted him off when they were responsible to act as the jury. It was expected that he will be voted off, since he was the one who voted off almost everyone in the ghost crew. But he played dirty, and shouldnt a pirate play dirty? Unfortunately for the him, the crew preferred the ‘kind’, ‘honest’, ‘big-breasted’ (said JoeDon) Christa.

After Jay got voted off, it was up to Ben and Christa for the treasure. They had to choose crews, Ben chose Azmyth, Cheryl and Nessa, while Christa chose John, Jay and Nessa. Hehe. So they fought for Nessa, and Christa, who ended up offering more prize money than Ben, got Nessa. I would book for Nessa too. She’s one hot gal. So Ben chose Jupiter.

Ben was definitely in better shape than Christa, so he eventually won.

Thats A LOT of money. Hope they continue this show for a season 2.