Blake’s new album release date – Dec 4th

October 10, 2007

Blake and Jordin are postponing (again!!) their album release dates.

Blake’s “Audio Day Dream” is going to be released on December 4th, not the original Nov.27th.

Blake in his blog:

Audio Day Dream (A.D.D.) Now Coming out December 4th, 2007
Current mood: ecstatic
Category: Art and Photography

Hey everyone… My album just got pushed back to December 4th. We think it will be a better day for the release and its also taking some pressure off me, for getting this album done. I can’t wait to get it out!!! I have been waiting to make a full length album for the longest time. This album is a mix of all the great pop music that has inspired me since the 80’s. Electro/funk/soul/pop I call it my 2080’s album. One mix from the start to finish, like a great Electronic or Hip-Hop mix tape.

More News:
I just got done making the documentry and shooting the pictures for the album cover. My two good friends, Ethan Newberry and Cisco McArthy have put together a nice 20 minute documentary, that hopefully will be packaged with the album. Its lookin great!

Gabrielle Revere shot the cover pictures and they turned out amazing! Also, Courtney James, a brilliant artist is helping me out with the design work for the cover. Everything is coming together smoothly and I couldn’t be more happy with this project.

Thank you all for your possitive energy you’ve been sending my way! I’ve needed it.

Love and Happiness – Blake

Hope he doesnt postpone it again!


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