Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Scandal

September 16, 2007

I am so disappointed in Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella in High School Musical) for posing nude and worse it leaked online. Why cant celebs keep their own private photos like under heavy security? Or better don’t take nude photos or let people take them!

I’ve seen her the pic, not going to comment on it. I’m not going to post it here, I want my site clean. She can be the next Antonella Barba.


I’m so innocent.

Thankfully she apologized immediately. But she’s ruined it for herself. Her future with be tainted with this picture of hers. No more the nice, innocent, girl next door image.

Disney backed her immediately, not firing her but keeping her for HSM3. Miley Cyrus and dad backed her too in a recent interview. Said Billy Ray, “Everyone make mistakes.” Said Miley, “Dad, the pictures are everywhere.” Yes they are.

I used to love you and your album, Vanessa. V was a fantastic album. Now, you’re just another teen star. Lets just hope you don’t end up like Lindsay.



  1. MMM . There is something so delicious about that pic of Vanessa Hudgens. Brings you back to those feelings ya had when ya were a teen. Nostalgia is a gas. I was a teen before Vanessa Hudgens was ripped out of her mothers snatch. Made me long for the 80”s when the band Ratt was popular “Round and Round” ring a bell anyone? I think Vanessa has a pretty bodacious bod if I must say (using 80s lingo)but seeing it I mostly longed for my youth rather than get a sexual thrill from it. Although I must admit she was snatchtastic looking !!!! Well I am going to go listen to Loverboy now and whack my weasel to some Catherine Bach posters I got. Just wanted to add my two cents

  2. Dear Venesa you are beer then that dont spoil you life iv neer seen those photos and i wont see thos photos you roock venesa


  4. i hate vanessa
    totally dumb
    she is stupid
    i think shes a fuckin ediot

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