Blake Lewis – “Audio Day Dream” – November 27th; Jordin Sparks – November 20th!!

September 16, 2007

Finally there’s a official date!

Blake, who is signed is Arista Records, is releasing his debut album on November 27th! A week later after Thanksgiving I think.

Jordin is debuting her album (title not known yet) on November 2oth.

Chris Rich meanwhile, in a interview , says that he will try to release his before Christmas this year or before his birthday next year, February 19th.

I would love to release my album before Christmas. Come out there before Christmas time, I think that would be fantastic. I think for this show, you always want to strike while the iron is hot. Because next season is going to come around, not necessarily will completely forget about you but it won’t be the same kind of anticipation. But for me, if not then, I would love for it to come out around my birthday. Around February 19. That would be a great birthday present. I just really want to make that album that you can just press play.You know? It’s a rock and roll album. A mixture of Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. You’ll definitely be able to tell the influences in my music and of course, everybody’s going to always compare me to Justin (because like I said, the high tenor). A lot of people have that. It’s just creating that style and hopefully you can just press play and not have to worry about it. I spend more time, it takes me longer to write a song for myself than it does for someone else.

Cant wait for all 3!


One comment

  1. I’ve got 2 comments:
    1- I just found out that Blake posted on his myspace that his album release was pushed back a week, to December 4th.
    2- I remember reading that Jordin’s album will be called Mademoiselle, and her album release was also pushed backa week to Nov. 27th now. Hope that helps!!

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