Ratatouille (rat.ta.too.ee) [review]

September 2, 2007

Who would’ve thought thats how you pronounce that word? Watched this movie yesterday as well! Definitely currently the best Pixar movie and one of the best animation movies ever made.

It’s about a rat named Remy who has passion towards food and loves too cook! After being chased after a braty old lady and landing in Paris, Remy is all alone (except his imaginary friend, Chef Gusteau). He founds a boy named Linguini working as a chef but doesnt know how to cook. They bonds and he helps the boy to cook by controlling his actions just by pulling his hair. Naturally, Linguini falls in love with fellow chef, Collette and abandones Remy. In the end they bonded again and after the health inspector found out rats run the restaurant, it is closed down. But Remy, Linguini and Collette starts another restaurant on their own, with a rat restaurant on top.

I love this movie! Its filled with so much humour and the storyline is just great. Pixar’s best yet! “Finding Nemo” is closely second.

“Ratatouille” is currently ranked #103 of the “All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses” with $371.9. Quite disappointing actually, as its a great movie.

The movie bagged “Best Picture”, “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Original Score”, “Best Sound Mixing” and “Best Sound Editing” from “The 6th Annual Awards Daily First Half of the Year Awards”. Congrats!


Rating: * * * * * / 5



  1. rtfhfghfg

  2. i watched the movie like every day in one week, i really loved every moment of it. great story i must say

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