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Poptarts American Idol 2007 Webisode 11

September 16, 2007

2 more new webisodes! Well not exactly new, but still. 🙂

Webisode 11 – Tour Bus Tour

Websode 12 – Sanjaya Has Flawless Skin

Enjoy! XD


Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photo Scandal

September 16, 2007

I am so disappointed in Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella in High School Musical) for posing nude and worse it leaked online. Why cant celebs keep their own private photos like under heavy security? Or better don’t take nude photos or let people take them!

I’ve seen her the pic, not going to comment on it. I’m not going to post it here, I want my site clean. She can be the next Antonella Barba.


I’m so innocent.

Thankfully she apologized immediately. But she’s ruined it for herself. Her future with be tainted with this picture of hers. No more the nice, innocent, girl next door image.

Disney backed her immediately, not firing her but keeping her for HSM3. Miley Cyrus and dad backed her too in a recent interview. Said Billy Ray, “Everyone make mistakes.” Said Miley, “Dad, the pictures are everywhere.” Yes they are.

I used to love you and your album, Vanessa. V was a fantastic album. Now, you’re just another teen star. Lets just hope you don’t end up like Lindsay.


Avatar The Last Airbender Shorts

September 16, 2007

These are seriously funny! Avatar in chibi version!

Bending Battle

Swamp Skiin.

School Time Shipping

Enjoy! XD


Blake Lewis – “Audio Day Dream” – November 27th; Jordin Sparks – November 20th!!

September 16, 2007

Finally there’s a official date!

Blake, who is signed is Arista Records, is releasing his debut album on November 27th! A week later after Thanksgiving I think.

Jordin is debuting her album (title not known yet) on November 2oth.

Chris Rich meanwhile, in a interview , says that he will try to release his before Christmas this year or before his birthday next year, February 19th.

I would love to release my album before Christmas. Come out there before Christmas time, I think that would be fantastic. I think for this show, you always want to strike while the iron is hot. Because next season is going to come around, not necessarily will completely forget about you but it won’t be the same kind of anticipation. But for me, if not then, I would love for it to come out around my birthday. Around February 19. That would be a great birthday present. I just really want to make that album that you can just press play.You know? It’s a rock and roll album. A mixture of Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. You’ll definitely be able to tell the influences in my music and of course, everybody’s going to always compare me to Justin (because like I said, the high tenor). A lot of people have that. It’s just creating that style and hopefully you can just press play and not have to worry about it. I spend more time, it takes me longer to write a song for myself than it does for someone else.

Cant wait for all 3!


Idols Preside Over the Closing Bell of Nasdaq

September 2, 2007

The AI6 tour stopped at times square to preside over the closing bell for Nasdaq, a Stock Market.

This one with Dr.Phil’s interesting speech. Chris was so sweet to move to the back to let the guy stand at the side. More goofy Blake, and goofy Chris and goofy Phil. Then they introduced themselves. Somehow Chris Sligh sounded squeaky and high. Blake introduced himself as ‘Jon Bon Jovi’ XD When it was Sanjaya’s turn, the audience laughed (weird, his name aint that hilarious)


This one with more waiting, the group into two: the boys (with Haley) and the girls (with Sanjaya) and more dancing and posing. Blake made a flower gesture on his face at 3.:17 then made a handgun and Phil danced the robot. Kids 🙂 Then the hi-fives and the countdowns.



Ratatouille ( [review]

September 2, 2007

Who would’ve thought thats how you pronounce that word? Watched this movie yesterday as well! Definitely currently the best Pixar movie and one of the best animation movies ever made.

It’s about a rat named Remy who has passion towards food and loves too cook! After being chased after a braty old lady and landing in Paris, Remy is all alone (except his imaginary friend, Chef Gusteau). He founds a boy named Linguini working as a chef but doesnt know how to cook. They bonds and he helps the boy to cook by controlling his actions just by pulling his hair. Naturally, Linguini falls in love with fellow chef, Collette and abandones Remy. In the end they bonded again and after the health inspector found out rats run the restaurant, it is closed down. But Remy, Linguini and Collette starts another restaurant on their own, with a rat restaurant on top.

I love this movie! Its filled with so much humour and the storyline is just great. Pixar’s best yet! “Finding Nemo” is closely second.

“Ratatouille” is currently ranked #103 of the “All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses” with $371.9. Quite disappointing actually, as its a great movie.

The movie bagged “Best Picture”, “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Original Score”, “Best Sound Mixing” and “Best Sound Editing” from “The 6th Annual Awards Daily First Half of the Year Awards”. Congrats!


Rating: * * * * * / 5


Transformers [review]

September 2, 2007

Watched the movie “Transformers” yesterday. Overall, I think it was a great movie, because of the special effects and all the efforts the team had to put in to create the movie.

But honestly, if my brother wasnt sitting beside me, I wouldnt have understood half of what the movie was trying to say. I think I got most of the stuff, but some still remain unknown. The ending of the story was definitely expected, with the Decepticons dead and the Autobots won and staying on earth. And Sam got to date Mikalah.

Storyline is pretty complicated in a way, especially the Section 7 part, and the whole Mikalah’s father issue. But the good thing is its funny too, my favourite part being when Bumblebee peed lubricated on the guy. Hehe! And the ‘Sam’s Happy Time’ part! XD Here’s the video!


The movie’s pretty violent too, not suitable for children at all. It involves so much gun action and fighting. Not something you want to teach your kids.

Transformers is currently on the 29th spot on the “All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses” with &676.2. Not bad. Could do better!

All in all, nice summer blockbuster.

Rating: * * * * / 5