Phoney YouTube Email

August 31, 2007

People beware… A new virus hitting the town. The newspapers are also featuring this. If you get an email from a so called ‘YouTube’ sender and got nothing to do with it or you think its spam, delete it immediately. It’s so scary nowadays. I hate spam.

In fact, I got 3 of them in my mail. Freaky scary.

Screencap of what I got. Firstly, I’m already a member of YouTube, so why should I sign up? Collect $500? Yeah right.

Other two are about a video and ‘How To be Rich and Wealthy’? As if a video can teach me that. I deleted them immediately. Thankfully.

In fact, if you open it and follow the link, the virus will be planted in your PC and you’ll be a zombie and sending spam mail to all your contacts. You dont want that to happen.

Constant Vigilance!


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