LOST Season 3 Finale

August 26, 2007

The season finale for the third season of LOST is the BOMB. I love it! It was really a huge twist at the end! There we were thinking that Jack’s flashbacks were the past, but it turned out it was the future, what happened after they got out of the forsaken island!

And Jack was desperate to be back on the island again! Oh wow. He really has no life. I’m glad he isn’t with Kate. I hope Kate’s with Sawyer, cause they’re cute together! And pity Jack isn’t with Juliet. Wonder where she went.

What I like is that Hurley finally became the hero! He saved them all! 🙂 And Charlie.. He died… Nooo… He’s definitely one of my fav characters. He died to save them too!

Season finale, but so many questions left…

  1. Who died and was in the coffin? Who’s that whom Jack misses so much that he wants to commit suicide, and Kate dislikes the person?

  2. Where is Walt and Michael and Locke? Are they still on the island? Walt misteriousy reappeared and helped Locke, and Locke killed Naomi but was coward enough to not kill Jack. 

  3. How come Penny could get the island’s (Charlie’s) signal if she’s not on the boat?

  4. Why does Mikhail always survive? Is he immortal? First he was killed the invisible ray-thingy. Then he’s alive again. Then he got shot. Then he got shot again. Then he bombed himself. Doesnt he die?

  5. What happens to the other characters? Sun and Kate’s babies? Claire? The family of Ben, Rosseau and Alex?

So many more to answer. A sad ending to a great series.


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