August 23, 2007

Gwen Stefani just had a concert in the country two days back, and there was so much gwen mania everywhere. The radio station even changed its name to Gwen.Fm. And played Gwen’s songs 24/7 from her solos to her ex-group, All Doubt. So I was hearing her songs all day long… “4 in the Morning” about 10 times, “The Sweet Escape” about 5 times, “Wind It Up” and “Cool” a couple of times, and the rest are hits like “What You Waiting For”, “Rich Girl”, “Holloback Girl”, “Glamorous” over and over again. And I can’t escape, flipping to the other stations, its still Gwen playing. And there’re the All Doubt hits, “Hey Baby”, “Dont Speak” (my fav!), “Girlfriend” etc etc.

Bad thing is, due to the country’s ‘rules’, Gwen had to cover herself up, cant show off too ‘much’ of her skin. Ahh poor Gwen. No wonder all the stars prefer neighbouring countries to host their concerts. But Gwen was sweet and did as told.

Gwen even revealed that she was half-Malaysian, her mother in law is a Malaysian. Cool!

Gwen is not a bad girl.

 PS: I’m tired of “4 In The Morning”.


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