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Poptarts American Idol 2007 Webisodes

August 3, 2007

And here are the webisodes!🙂 Uploaded by me.

Webisode 1 – Introduction by Mikalah Gordon

Webisode 2 – The Idols Pack + Sanjaya’s Dilemma

Webisode 3 – Backstage + Jordin Smells (Nice)

Webisode 4 – Why Sanordin/Jorjaya Wont Work (And How He Stalked Her)

 Webisode 5 – Idols Go To The Airport and Flies

Webisode 6 – Chris, Jordin and Blake Being Kids Again



Poptarts American Idol 2007 Promo Vids

August 3, 2007

Well after many complaints requests (🙂 ), I’ve promised to post AI6 stuff didnt I? So here they are! These are the American Idol 2007 Tour promo videos by Poptarts!

Promo 1 –  Chris, Chris and Sanjaya flex their muscles

Promo 2 – Blake, Jordin and Melinda learns to beatbox

Promo 3 – Haley, Gina and LaKisha talk about babies and pickles

Promo 4 – The Idols show their stuff

These are uploaded by me.😀 The webisodes in next post!