Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix Soundtrack

July 27, 2007

1. Fireworks
2. Professor Umbridge
3. Another Story
4. Dementors In The Underpass
5. Dumbledore’s Army
6. Hall Of Prophecies
7. Possession
8. Room Of Requirements
9. Kiss
10. Journey To Hogwarts
11. Sirius Deception
12. Death Of Sirius
13. Umbridge Spoils A Beautiful Morning
14. Darkness Takes Over
15. Ministry Of Magic
16. Sacking Of Trelawny
17. Flight Of The Order Of The Phoenix
18. Loved Ones And Leaving

Download: HERE (password: sharedmp3.net)

I’ve got to say this soundtrack album rules! Its so great! Just like the movie! I think Nicholas Hooper did a very great job! The tracks are all so awesome! And its great to see that Hedwig’s Theme is back!

Rating: * * * * *

Composer: Nicholas Hooper

Best Tracks: “Fireworks”, “Professor Umbridge”, “Journey To Hogwarts” (in fact, most of them are really great! Some are dark though!)

Credits to Mp3Seeker!


One comment

  1. Hello~ I know this is two years later…but I was wondering if you still have the soundtrack? The link doesnt work and I cant find it anywhere else. :[ It would be lovely if you replied 😀

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