21-07-07: One of the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

July 24, 2007

Oh wow. I still remember that wonderful day. I woke up at 8.00am, wanted to continue sleeping but just couldn’t cause my head is buzzing. HP!!

So I woke up, bathed, ate and prepared to go to the bookstore at 11am, which by then it only opens. It should open at 7am, and sell “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ at 7.01am, which was done by most bookstores nationwide. But some hypermarkets is selling the book at RM69.90, which is much cheaper than the agreed RM109, a price set and agreed by the 3 major bookstores: MPH, Popular and Times. But the hypermarkets sold it at a lower price and the bookstores battled and created a controversy. So the 3 major bookstores are boycotting the books, not selling them for walk-in customers. Luckily I pre-booked my copy. Whew.

So I went to the bookstore and saw everyone carrying an orange HP goodie bag and I go ‘Oooooo’. When I got my bag, inside was THE BOOK, and a complementary T-shirt.

The HP bag. Cute right?

The shirt.

Backside of the shirt.

The books of all books.

My dad was going ‘whats all this potter mania so good about’, until he saw his colleage buying her own copy too, walking along with her sister, herself another copy. My dad was flabbergasted and we went over to chat a bit. My dad was shocked they needed to buy two copies and not share. Turns out adults can be big fans too! My dad had second thoughts and I bombed him with ‘Harry Potter is for all age groups’ talk. Hehe. So he got mildly highly interested and even wanted to read it from the start.

Then in the afternoon (I remembered I had lamb chowder for lunch, Mmmm) I went to watch “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” with my friend and my brother. I was wearing the t-shirt under shirt so it was visible. People was staring and pointing and I told my friend ‘whatever let them stare all they want real HP fan coming through!’

I have to say the movie was pretty satisfying. In the beginning, I was like ‘okay, please be better than this,’ but as it advanced to the middle part I was really liking it and in the end I went ‘WOW’. Its not very very good, but I’d say very good. I like it a lot! Now I have became a Harry/Luna shipper. I know, I know its Harry/Ginny and they have 3 kids bit whatever. Hehe. The people I really liked in the film was Bellatrix, Luna and Umbridge. They really left me an impression. Umbridge was so horribly evil but her acting was so good! Luna is very Luna-ish! She’s got style. Bellatrix is this monstrous woman whom I really enjoy watching. Pity she died in HP7. My overall rating is 9/10.

I was so hyped I even brought back the popcorn holders. Its very cool with all the characters on it.

But I threw it in the end cause my brother bit and chew his while watching the movie and it was all torn and wet. There were also popcorn stuck to the bottom. Hehe.

I wanted to start reading the book at 7.21pm, (7.21, lol) but I had to have dinner first so I only started at 8.00 and read on until 12. My eyes were very blurry then. So I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Loved this day. 🙂


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  1. w0oh0o…
    l0ok at y0u…
    a real big HP fan!!

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