o.0 I have the copy in my hands. Really.

July 20, 2007

BREATHE. I cant resist the temptation anymore. I’m reading the seventh book. Its pages are taken by someone, who used the negative effect so that people can read it. Its clearly and truly the REAL THING.

 Its all true!! The one I posted in my previous post, all of it is true!! (I’m referring to the chapters and the starting of the story, plots, I havent read yet)

Heres the proof of the chapters being real:

Believe now?

I neednt post the first chapter cause my connection is slow tonight and I want to get some sleep now for the excitement tomorrow!! Or… I can always continue reading. Muahahahaha. 🙂


PS: The last word ISNT scar. Although it is somewhere there. I took a little peek. Bad bad me. 🙂


One comment

  1. is that y0ur 0wn c0py????????

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