Happy Birthday Blake!!

July 20, 2007

Since its midnight (seriously, it really is right now), we passed from Elliott’s birthday to Blake Lewis’ birthday! I’d like to wish him a very happy birthday!

Blake turns 26 this year. He looks younger than he really is. Cant wait for his album!



  1. OI!!! Don’t u dare 2 post up the plot/ending of HP7 b4 i finish reading it. I’m warning u!!! Or else… NO HOODIE!!! I mean it!!! And pls confirm if the hoodie in the email i sent u is the one u wnt, so Jo & i can get on 2 buying it b4 the winter sales r over. Last warning: DO NOT POST ANYTHING FROM THE BOOK IN THIS “BLOG” OF URS!!!

  2. h0h0h0…
    please p0st the ending Raph!!!!

  3. 0oh by the way ab0ut the theme….
    just ch0ose any theme that have a picture 0n it…
    then click 0n edit pr0file, under presentation, y0u will see header image… y0u can change the header here… gudLuck ;p

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