No HP5 for me. T_T

July 11, 2007

Since my exams are up next week (sigh), I cant (not that I am restricted, I am controlling, thank you very much) go online for about 2 weeks. o.0 Two long weeks of hell.

Bad stuff worse, Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix is debuting today! My original plans were to watch it today, but after discussion with friends we decided to watch it next week after exams, with less people and sort. Humph. Ah well.

Good thing is, I’m watching it on the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come out! 😀 I’ll be getting my copy on Monday at the very least. Cant wait!!

Hope my exams yield good results. If it doesnt, I still have double HP to cheer me up. 🙂

 So you wont be hearing from me for 2 weeks or so!



One comment

  1. hey…
    d0nt be sad…
    because i am g0ing t0 watch it t0m0rr0w!!!

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