Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

July 1, 2007

Went to watch this movie in the cinemas last last Saturday. Got to say it was a blast watching it. I didnt want to watch this, but my friend, who’s a major Pirates fan, pulled me into watching, and I’m not regretting. Its so full of humour and action, its great!

The only thing that I hated was the plot and stuff. If you havent watched Pirates 1 & 2, you wont know what are they talking about in Pirates 3. I didnt watch Pirates 2, so I was like ‘WTF?’ through the whole movie. I have no idea who this Calypso is or why Sparrow and Captain Swann died etc. At the end of the movie I had to have my friend to explain everything over to me.But other than that, the romance and hunour and angst in the movie is understandable, and the action is really exciting. With popcorn and coke in my hands, watching this movie was enjoyable.

Rating: A –

Comments: Definitely recommended. Especially for hardcore Pirates fans.


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