Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

July 1, 2007

Watched this movie yesterday! I initially planned to watch ‘Transformers’ but the seats for the whole afternoon were booked and full! Ouch! The crowd was so long and there the whole place was very packed!

But F4 was a great alternative movie! I loved it!

I loved the romance between Sue and Reed. And the marrying thing was kind of funny! Especially the Japanese wedding at the end. “Five time’s a charm” – Sue.

Dont forget their awesome super powers! And the new guy, the Silver Surfer. Oh and more eye candy! 🙂

The cons are the cheesy ending where everything blows up and the world is saved. That part is too expected. And the bad guy, Dr Doom, his role is too minor that he shouldnt be in this movie at all.

 Overall, great movie!

Rating: A

Comments: Yes yes yes!!


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