Deathly Hallows Leak

June 26, 2007

This hacker guy claimed to hack into Bloomsbury and got a digital copy of the DE. I have it! 🙂 And will read it soon! Hope its not the real one, cause spoilers ahead!!!


1. Hermione will die! She will fight for her life to save Harry and Ron. (awwww!!)

2. Hagrid will die!  Snape will eventually finish him off.


 EDIT: My copy IS NOT the one which ‘Gabriel’ (the hacker) claimed to have. Its a fic written by someone. Sorry for the excitement.  The manuscript obtained by the hacker is not posted anywhere on the internet. Again, I apologize. But what ‘Gabriel’ said and the spoilers of his version, are as above ^.

Although, many have requested for the fanfic. (NOT the one the hacker claimed to have)


(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it)



  1. hey, any chance i could get a copy of that?? or the source?? mail me at anirudh.shastry@gmail.com

  2. Is there anyway I can get a copy?


  3. Hey I would really really appreciate it if you could email it to me, since I wasn’t smooth enough to miss the spoilers I’m dieing to read it now. thanks!

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